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Sidi mountain cycling shoes: Reliable and durable on the trail

Sidi cycling shoes, in general, are known for their quality, style, and comfort. The Italian company’s 60 years of experience is reflected in their exceptional products. Some of the finest pro cyclists worldwide depend on Sidi for their biking footgear needs.

In regards to mountain biking, the brand is also an expert in all mountain bike disciplines. So whether you’re after a pair to wear in the XC World Mountain Bike Championship, local amateur race, or just a recreational ride out, you might find something for your needs.

Sidi MTB shoe selections

Based on aesthetics, Sidi offers two main types of mountain shoes. The first type greatly resembles road shoes but with a more apparent outsole tread design, while the second kind looks similar to either hiking or training shoes. But that’s just the surface. Let’s dive into the fit options.

Another factor contributing to the brand’s success is offering women-specific and wider last versions of their main models. Sidi women’s MTB shoes are designed for the ladies’ naturally narrower feet while the wide iterations (called Sidi Mega MTB shoes) cater to individuals with wider feet.

Aside from the superior performance and quality, Sidi mountain bike shoes display a premium design in striking colorways such as blue and red. Neutral options like gray and black are also offered for individuals who like to stick with the classics.

Extend the life of your pair with Sidi spare parts

The company provides several spare parts for all of their shoes. These components include the following:

These renewable features let you get the most out of your money and use your pair like it’s brand new.