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Shimano’s mountain bike shoes are crafted to provide protection, durability, comfort, and efficiency. They are designed to put up with the harsh and rugged environment in the mountain via their aggressive outsoles, recessed cleats, and burly uppers.

Types of mountain cycling shoes from Shimano

The company’s MTB shoes are grouped into seven categories to make searching for your ideal pair simpler. Their lineup ranges from road-like but more rugged models to high-top and sandals. Read on to find out more.

Cross country

Footwear included in this section resembles the same upper design as Shimano road shoes, but with more aggressive outsole designs for offroad endurance. Most of them employ synthetic leather upper for durability and protection. They are characterized by their low stack height midsole for power transfer efficiency and stability.

Within the brand’s stiffness index of 2 to 12, models in this section range from 7 to 11. Weight-wise, Shimano cross country shoes weight between 298 grams to 330 grams using one men’s shoe in size 42.


Shimano gravel shoes are generally designed for maximum pedaling efficiency despite the uneven terrain of gravels. They are also equipped with excellent abrasion-resistance and durability. One of the models included in this category is the RX8. It has a stiffness index of 10 and weighs at 265 grams.

Mountain touring

Designs in this section are engineered for casual mountain cycling. In terms of aesthetics, these shoes resemble either a light hiking shoe or a trainer. This category also houses a cycling sandal offering called the Shimano SD5, which is ideal for summer rides. 

Moreover, Shimano mountain touring footwear employ a lower stiffness rating that usually ranges under 5. As for the weight, these models weigh between 348 grams to 387 grams.


Shimano shoes that fall under this department are characterized by protective and burly upper designs for the unpredictable trail conditions. This section also houses several high-top winter MTB shoes for riders that don’t know what “off-season” means. 

Moreover, with a stiffness index ranging from 5 to 8, their outsoles are designed to provide a balance between flex and rigidity for effortless pedaling and off-bike experience. Weight-wise, models range from 330 grams to 480 grams.

Cross mountain

Shoes for cross mountain cycling are designed for versatility. Most designs are equipped for all-weather and all-terrain conditions as they have insulation and aggressive and flexible soles. An example is the Shimano XM9, which looks like a hiking shoe.


According to Shimano’s descriptions of the shoes in this section, they are made for gravity/downhill riders. Due to the descending nature of these activities, footwear used is equipped with toe protection. They also display a skate-like design. What sets the shoes apart from the next category is they are employed with a 2-bolt cleat system.

As for the weight, these models are heavier, ranging from 405 g to 455 g.


Models in this section are also engineered for gravity/downhill cyclists. They employ almost the same features as the shoes in the previous category, but the difference lies in the gravity shoes’ flat, grippy outsoles. Most gravity/downhill riders prefer flat cycling shoes so they can plant their feet on the ground whenever they need and want to.

This footwear’s soles have a rigidity range of 2 to 4, while the weight runs from 382 g to 400 g.

Frequently asked questions

Where to buy Shimano mountain bike shoes?

Shimano’s one of the most known cycling brands in the market today. Hence, one can find their merchandise in specialty bike stores, both online and brick-and-mortar. If you are planning to buy or at least check out the brand’s lineup, we have an extensive collection of Shimano’s MTB shoe collection along with reviews and price comparisons from a wide variety of online stores. Just click on a model above or input its name on the search bar.

Does Shimano offer mountain bike shoes for women?

Yes, they do. The brand’s women-specific MTB shoes are created on women’s last to cater to the unique needs of the ladies’ feet. The narrower fit of these shoes is designed to hug the female’s naturally slimmer foot shape and provide a comfortably snug and supportive feel.

Check out a number of Shimano’s models in women’s version below:

  • Shimano XC5
  • Shimano ME4
  • Shimano AM7

How to pair Shimano MTB shoes with correct pedals?

Before you can pair your shoes with the right pedals, you’ve had to figure out which type of mountain rider you are. Are you comfortable in clipless shoes or flat ones? Many cyclists prefer clipless as it provides a more secure connection to the pedals and pedal efficiency. Cross country riders usually prefer clipless MTB shoes.

On the other hand, BMX riders, dirt jumpers, and some downhill cyclists go for flat shoes to freely plant their feet whenever they need to. 

For flat shoe wearers, Shimano offers the following pedal models: PD-M8040, PD-M828, and PD-GR500. While their clipless pedal lineup includes PD-M9100, PD-M9120, and PD-M8020.