buy scott trail running shoes for men and women

Running over uneven terrain at high speed is not easy. To become fast and efficient, a runner must wear a reliable running shoe that offers a blend of comfort, stability, durability, and breathability. Getting a pair of trail running shoes requires a lot of considerations. Not only are they designed to help increase the running speed, but they also protect the user from injury. 

In recent years, Scott was able to establish a name for itself for providing quality and affordable trail running shoes that perform on roads, trails, and even streams. They design protective mountain running shoes that offer dynamic fit with excellent traction, allowing for safe and exciting runs on uneven terrains.  

What to expect from Scott trail running shoes

Best Scott trail running shoes - May 2020


The Scott trail running shoes are generally created using a soft mesh or breathable fabric. These upper materials aim to provide good ventilation to keep the foot dry and comfortable for an extended period. 

Durability and quality

Crafted using best quality materials and advanced technologies, the Scott trail running shoes are designed to resist tear and wear. Runners have testified that their trail running shoes provide reliable protection against abrasive elements. 


To provide stability, some Scott trail running shoes feature ankle and midfoot support. The others utilize supportive midsole, durable shoelaces, and other elements that allow for a stable ride. 


Scott trail running shoes are designed to provide a blend of comfort and durability. These shoes feature a good amount of cushioning that delivers a comfortable and responsive ride even when running over uneven surfaces. A soft mesh or fabric is also utilized in the upper units to offer breathable coverage and prevent skin irritation. 


People often describe the trail running shoes from Scott as moderately priced. It is because one of the company’s goal is to keep their trail running shoes affordable without compromising quality and performance. 

Technologies commonly featured in Scott trail running shoes

All-Terrain Traction

The All-Terrain Traction outsole delivers excellent traction in deep mud and rugged terrain, making it ideal for long runs and ultra-marathons. This durable outsole is created with a strategic lug configuration that offers maximum forward and braking traction on various surfaces. 

Versatile Traction

Several Scott trail running shoes feature a highly durable outsole with multi-layered lug design. The outsole’s versatile lug pattern allows for excellent ground contact. This outsole design bites into different levels of roots and rocks, providing optimal grip in all conditions. 


eRide technology refers to the midsole’s unique rocker shape that allows the trail running shoe to facilitate the inherent heel-to-toe transition with each stride. This design encourages a faster and more efficient running gait while reducing the heel strike impacts. 


AeroFoam+ is a lightweight midsole foam that possesses good shock-absorption qualities. It is a durable material that aims to provide a cushioned ride with a dynamic rebound while maintaining an efficient ride. This cushioning material offers maximum comfort that lasts longer than the cushioning materials used in traditional running shoes. 


Most of the Scott trail running shoes feature the Gore-Tex technology, which provides protection and comfort in all weather conditions. Gore-Tex membrane is a breathable and waterproof upper material. It prevents the rain and moisture from getting inside the shoe while allowing the heat and sweat to escape continuously. This technology is designed to keep the foot dry and warm at all times. 

Frequently asked questions

How long does Scott trail running shoes last?

It is recommended that runners replace their trail running shoes every 400 to 500 miles. However, each runner varies on running style, weight, terrain, distance, and other factors that make the shoe wear out. 

Once the shoe’s cushioning and support system has broken down, it is advisable to get a new pair immediately as running in a worn-out shoe may lead to discomfort and injury. 

How to clean Scott trail running shoes?

It is important to check and follow the care instructions included on the shoe package or tag to ensure a longer lifetime. Here are some cleaning tips that will help preserve the Scott trail running shoes. 

  • Avoid washing the trail running shoe in a washing machine as it may damage the reflective materials and structure of the shoe. 
  • Brush off the mud or coarse dirt and let the shoe dry if it is filthy. Do not use water when cleaning the shoe as it will result in the penetration of mud and water into the sensitive shoe materials. 
  • To clean the shoe upper, brush the shoe dry or scrub it using a damp cloth. 
  • Take the insole out of the shoe and wash it with warm water and soap. 
  • The outsole of a Scott trail shoe is durable, so it can be washed with a brush and water.