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The sport of track and field is a very demanding event that requires track spikes that are not only reliable but also durable. These qualities are among the many notable features of a Saucony track and field spike. Up until now, Saucony remains as one of the go-to brands of some of the world’s elite athletes and beginners alike. 

What to look for in a Saucony Track and Field Shoe

best saucony track and field shoes
Best Saucony track and field shoes- November 2019

Saucony has done its best in order to maintain the quality of its track and field spikes. Below are some of the notable features of a Saucony track and field shoe that you will surely have to take note of: 

Traction. One of the many good things about a Saucony track spike is that it is equipped with materials that optimize the athlete’s traction. With such configuration, the athlete’s performance is positively affected as the grip is known for aiding in maximizing the speed of the athlete. This is especially true during sudden direction shifts. 

Fit. Track and field spikes are expected to be tight-fitting. However, this element does not equate to the obstruction of blood flow. That is what a Saucony track and field spike embodies. It secures a tight yet comfortable wrap around the foot, allowing the athlete to focus more on the competition. 

Durability.  The sport of track and field is packed with hazardous and abrasive elements—something that can degrade the quality of one’s track spike. A Saucony track shoe is fashioned in such a way that it employs sturdy materials. This is so it doesn’t deteriorate quite easily and that it doesn’t succumb to natural wear-and-tear. 

Support. The ideal track and field experience of an athlete should be one that secures stability. To ensure this, Saucony has integrated supportive components into its track spike. These components are especially helpful in preventing slippage and injuries. An example of these components is the Flex Film overlay that is added into the upper of some Saucony track and field shoes. This material enhances structural integrity and is found in the Saucony Ballista

Components of a Saucony Track and Field Shoe

Below are some of the elements of a Saucony track shoe that enable its highly-acclaimed reputation in the market: 

  • Pebax® plate. Very common among many track and field spikes, the Pebax® plate is responsible for the traction of a Saucony track spike. This component is highly durable and employs flexibility. Moreover, it has an ample amount of rigidity that helps in the propulsion of the athlete while maintaining minimal weight. 
  • Molded quarter cage. It is found in the internal design of a Saucony track shoe. The molded quarter cage is responsible for the support that is supplemented to the athlete. Thus, this material enables the stable ride delivered by the Saucony track and field spike. 
  • ISOFIT system. This technology is an innovation from Saucony that basically gives a custom fit to the foot. Found in most Saucony track spikes, the ISOFIT system consists of mesh material that conforms to the natural contours of the foot. In return, this system provides a comfortable and stabilizing support to the athlete. 
  • Flex Film. Welded to the upper of most Saucony track spikes, the Flex Film is intended for the elimination of several layers in the shoe, allowing a seamless and flexible fit. It consists of thin films that are both sturdy and lightweight. Essentially, it is intended for security and structural integrity. 
  • EVA midsole. Since most Saucony track spikes are designed to be lightweight for optimal performance, the material integrated into their midsole is also lightweight. This is in the form of ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) midsole. Not only is it lightweight, but it also helps with the in-shoe comfort felt by the athlete, as well as enhancing the shoe’s rebound properties. 

Frequently asked questions

Are Saucony track and field shoes reliable? 

Yes. Saucony track and field spikes, may it be for running, jumping, or throwing, are fashioned to be both reliable and durable. The track spikes from the American brand of athletic footwear are those that boast the qualities of traction, fit, durability, and support. Found in these track spikes are materials and technologies that enable a powerful and safe track and field experience. 

Are Saucony track and field shoes expensive? 

No. As a matter of fact, there are those Saucony track spikes that belong to the category of cheap track and field shoes. These usually retail for less than $100. These spikes bear the same components that are found in some of Saucony’s more pricey track shoes and even employ some of the brand’s innovative technologies. You can expect a pair of good quality track and field shoes from Saucony, no matter the price point.