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A renowned athletic footwear brand in the market, Saucony has always been on top of the game. It has remained as one of the first choices of elite athletes from all over the world. This is no surprise as the company creates the best track shoes in the market. It holds no reservation, even with its sprint shoes. 

With this article, the componentry and qualities that make Saucony sprint spikes exceptional are tackled. Support, lightness, aggressive grip—these are some of the properties embodied by a Saucony sprinting shoe. Keep on reading and find out more about the brand’s track running shoes. 

Anatomy of a Saucony sprint spike

Best Saucony sprints track and field shoes - May 2020

What makes a Saucony sprint shoe outstanding is its top-notch technical elements. Provided below are some of the most common components of a Saucony track shoe, generating maximum power and propulsion.


  • Pebax® plate. It is known for its good balance of rigidity and weight. With such composition, it amplifies the forward motion of the athlete. It is made of high-strength thermoplastic polymer that enhances the durability of the track spike. This element is also intended for increased surface traction, promoting speed and control. It is a common technical element in most track running shoes and is even found in the famous sprint shoeNike Zoom Superfly Elite.


  • EVA midsole. Beneficial for rebounding properties, the EVA midsole is made of TPU pellets. Its composition not only poses for sturdy qualities but also for cushioning. Such an attribute delivers plush comfort to the wearer. It also heightens protection as it mitigates shock upon impact. It maintains a light and thin profile to preserve Saucony sprint spikes’ featherlight design.


  • Synthetic upper. Its flexibility and foot-conforming properties make it ideal for complete lockdown. That is why it’s a no brainer that Saucony integrates this upper material into almost all its track spikes. Other than that, it keeps a good balance of both breathability and lightness. With these characteristics combined, a healthy foot environment is enabled while drag is prevented.
  • Open mesh upper. Saucony highlights comfort and great in-shoe experience. This task is placed on the upper material of some of the brand’s sprinting shoes—open mesh. Its perforations permit air to infiltrate the foot chamber for maximum ventilation. This prevents foot fatigue from occurring, which is essential when executing sprints. It also adapts to the natural contours of the foot, boosting security. Just like the synthetic upper, it keeps minimal weight.
  • Molded quarter cage. Aside from giving Saucony track shoes with a sleek fashion, this component mainly targets support. It holds the foot in place, preventing unwanted shoe removal while delivering stability. This allows for a slip-free, safe running experience.
  • Flex film overlays. Present in a number of Saucony track and field shoes, these are made of thin films. These are welded to the upper to push the foot further into the midsole. They increase lockdown, disabling premature shoe removal. 

Benefits of using Saucony sprint shoe

Maximum propulsion. Generally, Saucony sprint spikes are designed to keep weight at an absolute minimum. Such configuration is intended to prevent drag from occurring, conserving the energy of the athlete. This makeup also poses for amplified forward motion, powering each stride of the sprinter. Overall, the componentry of the track shoe works seamlessly, delivering good grip and stability. 

Lightweight support. The aim of the design principle of Saucony sprint shoes is to trim down weight and maximize stability. Such makeup solicits propulsion and protection. It holds the foot in place for heightened security and enables surefootedness, preventing any injury. 

Security. Lockdown is integral in maintaining a slippage-free running experience. That is why Saucony track spikes are composed of technical components that aid in providing ample protection. This element is fundamental in securing a dialed-in fit, preventing premature shoe removal. 

Breathable fit. A breathable wrap is essential in maintaining comfort and a healthy foot environment. That is why Saucony made sure to incorporate highly breathable materials into its track shoes. These materials keep a sufficient amount of airflow into the platform for odor prevention and sweat-wicking abilities. 

Frequently asked questions

How much does a Saucony sprint spike cost? 

Although some of Saucony’s sprinting platforms go beyond $100, some belong to the category of cheap track shoes. These running shoes are usually priced below $100 and are deemed more affordable by many. These still exhibit the same reliable components that are found in the more expensive sprint spikes from Saucony. Meaning, they always deliver and equip the contender with the same amount of support and traction. 

What are the benefits when wearing a Saucony sprint shoe? 

As mentioned, Saucony sprint spikes are configured to deliver the best performance. The key benefits of using the brand’s sprint shoes are support, security, comfort, and traction. All of these are critical in delivering a swift performance in sprinting meets.