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Worn by sports fans and rock stars alike, Saucony shoes match performance and fashion in a tasteful blend. No less than 100,000 reviews are stamps of approval of Saucony’s performance.

What does Saucony offer in their best minimalist shoes?

  • Saucony has produced one of the most beloved minimalist shoe lines ever. Their minimalist shoes are consistently the cream of the crop when it comes to the less is better attitude. The runner would be ensured of amazing performance with every minimalist shoe from Saucony.
  • The best thing in Saucony minimalist shoes is their cushioned and responsive midsole. While it is a bit tricky to always get the right blend of cushioning and rebounding, Saucony has made it a habit of always giving the right soft protection and firmness for an efficient and fast ride.
  • Saucony's best minimalist shoes are ideal for long runs, short races, and all runs in between. It feels so good on the foot the runner should not be surprised if he finds himself wearing his Saucony minimalist shoe the whole day.
  • One thing that Saucony has successfully adhered to when it comes to the minimalist type of running is the almost nothing feel of the shoes. These are lightweight shoes that the runner easily forgets he is wearing one until the race or training ends.
  • The latest upper material construction is used in Saucony shoes for a more snug fit. The glove-like fit of these shoes allows the runner to concentrate on his mechanics without any worry of blisters or rubbing.
  • Midfoot fit is enhanced with their latest Pro-Locking system. The shoe simply stays comfortably true, it almost feels like a second skin. Exceptional fit is assured from top to bottom with the Saucony minimalist shoes.
  • A more natural and efficient midfoot or forefoot striking is promoted by these minimalist shoes. Obviously, the more consistent the efficient strikes become, the faster the runner goes.
  • Natural leg and foot articulation is also achieved with these Saucony minimalist shoes. With less shoe interference, the tendons and ankle would be given more freedom to develop and get stronger. The runner with strong legs and foot would pose less risk to pain or injuries.
  • Bare as bone structure of these minimalist shoes afford outstanding shoe flexibility. The more flexible the shoe is, the better it duplicates the feel of barefoot or natural running.

What are the deciding features of the best Saucony minimalist shoes?

  • Weight. Saucony's best minimalist shoes range from 8oz to lower. The range is used to cater to varying degrees of minimalist runners. The more experienced ones usually go for the most lightweight of the lot. Beginners or those who would prefer a bit more protection would go with the average weight.
  • Structure. The less is better theme could not be truer than in the construction of these shoes. The lesser the structure the better it is for the true minimalist.
  • Heel-to-toe drop. Again, Saucony varies the heel offset between 4mm and 0. The lower the drop goes the better sensory feel the runner has.