buy saucony mid distance track & field shoes for men and women

Saucony has always made it a point to produce only the best track and field shoes. Its mid-distance running track spike is no exception. Packed with the brand’s top-tier technologies and technical features, the Saucony mid-distance running spike delivers sticky surface adherence, featherlight construction, and pronounced comfort. These are only some of the many good attributes of a Saucony middle-distance running shoe.

Mid-distance series from Saucony

Best Saucony mid distance track and field shoes - May 2020


A famous mid-distance running spike from Saucony, the Ballista is hailed for its balance of lightness and grippy traction. It is a perfect running shoe for athletes with a limited budget since it comes with an affordable price. With its spike placement and overall composition, the Ballista is set to power the runner’s speed. 


With ground control in mind, the Spitfire is best for contenders who want more ground feel. In other words, it is best used by neutral runners. With its low-to-the-ground profile, it also aims to supply propulsion and comfort. These features are very integral in maximizing the running performance of the runner. Similar to most mid-distance track and field running shoes, it does not weigh the wearer down because it incorporates featherlight components. 


Tagged as a versatile mid-distance running platform, the Vendetta can handle almost any type of surface.  Similar to the Ballista, the Saucony Vendetta is offered at a budget-friendly rate. However, this does not mean that it also compromises when it comes to style and function. For a fact, the Vendetta is comprised of high-quality technologies that amplify support, grip, and lightness. These are the very qualities that amplify the contender’s overall running performance. 

Qualities of a Saucony mid-distance running shoe

Making continuous innovations to its offerings, Saucony supplies only the best mid-distance running spikes for both men and women. These track shoes deliver premium attributes to runners for an explosive track running performance. 

  • Light. Added bulk means decreased energy conservation. With this in mind, a Saucony mid-range track running spike exhibits an outstandingly light platform. This is also intended to up the runner’s speed by preventing drag. Examples of featherlight track running shoes are the Nike Zoom Victory Elite 2 and the Adidas Distancestar.
  • Supportive. Support is a fundamental element in keeping a stable performance. With enough stability, the user should not worry about falling off balance. More importantly, stability is key in preventing any kind of injury or foot strain. With the Saucony mid-range track running spike, support is a priority. 
  • Comfortable. Having an overall good foot sensation within a track spike is a must for every athlete. This is because it is one of the factors that affect the performance of the runner. With good cushioning, the wearer can worry less about irritation and abrasion, and more on the run. That is why a Saucony mid-distance track shoe is equipped with sufficient underfoot cushioning plus other comfortable elements. 
  • Propulsive. The mid-distance running competition tests both the endurance and speed of the contender. That is why the Saucony mid-range track running platform sports a spike placement that heightens the pace of the runner. Acceleration is also promoted with the help of the ultra-light components loaded into the platform. 
  • Lockdown fit. To prevent any kind of slippage because of unwanted shoe removal, Saucony’s mid-distance track spike delivers superior security. It consists of upper materials that fit snugly around the contours of the foot, comfortably locking it in place. Moreover, its closure system coheres with the upper textile. It provides the wearer with a dialed-in, accurate fit.

Frequently asked questions

Is a Saucony mid-distance running shoe expensive? 

Yes and no. There are some Saucony models that fall on the expensive side, while there are others belonging to the cheap category. For an expensive mid-distance running spike, it is usually priced higher than $100. For a Saucony track running shoe distinguished as cheap, it retails for less than $100. But there’s one thing to take note of—these running spikes still offer high-quality performance. 

Where can I get a Saucony mid-distance running spike? 

Buyers have two options when ordering a Saucony mid-range track running shoe. First, they can opt to go to the brand’s physical store or any reliable retailer’s store to try on the shoe’s fit first. Second, they can also choose to purchase via online retailers or through the brand’s website. With this, both the time and energy of the customers are saved. However, it is highly recommended to scan through user reviews first before placing an order. With RunRepeat, shopping and product reviews are made convenient.