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Take a pair of Salomon Winter hiking boots to a destination set in cold weather and discover you can benefit from them. They are built with various features that grant you ample protection in low temperatures. They are also engineered to help you have sufficient grip and support without compromising fit and comfort. When your next adventure will take you somewhere frigid, consider wearing these Salomon winter hiking boots so you can perform with fewer worries in this kind of environment.

Why you should get Salomon winter hiking boots for your next adventure

Best Salomon winter hiking boots - May 2020

Going on a hike in cold weather can be disastrous if your feet aren’t protected. You will encounter low temperatures and slippery surfaces that can affect your mobility. Or worse, you might experience hypothermia or broken bones if you tackle these harsh conditions without using the right kind of gear. Salomon’s warm hiking boots for winter conditions come with various technologies to help you perform and protect your feet in this type of terrain. They possess a layer of insulation to trap heat so your movement won’t be affected by the cold. They also come with winter-specific outsoles that don’t freeze in cold weather and provide traction on snowy ground conditions.

Other benefits of the best Salomon winter hiking boots for men and women


Salomon’s quality hiking boots for winter adventures feature a number of components that grant sufficient support and stability. Some of them are fitted with ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) midsoles, shanks, and removable footbeds. These components yield rigidity, arch support, and cushioning. They also feature a kind of upper construction that grants support to your ankles, preventing them from twisting.


Salomon winter hiking boots are equipped with outsoles that can handle slick surfaces. Durable rubber compounds are used so that these units won’t harden in low temperatures. These outsoles also feature aggressive lugs to help keep your foot on the ground.

Notable technologies found in the finest Salomon winter hiking boots

Gore-Tex. Select Salomon winter hiking boots feature a Gore-Tex membrane. The liner’s surface contains more than a billion pores to prevent intrusions. These pores also allow moisture vapor to escape, making the boot breathable. Some of the brand’s footgear products for winter hikes use a Gore-Tex variant that retains heat in cold conditions.

Winter Contagrip. This is Salomon’s patented outsole technology. It features a kind of rubber that’s optimized for use in cold weather. Multi-shaped lugs and a special compound are used to deliver ample traction on snowy ground conditions.

Ortholite. Some Salomon winter hiking boots come with an Ortholite footbed. This component is designed to deliver arch support and comfort underfoot.

Advanced Chassis. This trademarked technology is positioned between outsole and midsole. It delivers optimal motion control, push-through protection, and energy management for a responsive and stable ride.

Salomon winter hiking boots care and maintenance guide

  • Use a soft brush and clean water to wash your winter hikers. Do so after each hike to preserve the footgear’s quality.
  • Remove the laces and footbeds from your Salomon winter hiking boots and rinse them from the inside to prevent odor build-up
  • Leave your Salomon winter hiking boots to dry at room temperature without using external sources of heat, including the sun.