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Most of the Salomon running shoes are designed for trail running. These shoes are equipped with reliable technologies for a better off-road running experience. They also utilize durable materials to withstand the damaging nature of the trail. Salomon designed several waterproof running shoes to provide maximum protection while running in cold and wet running conditions.

ClimaShield and GORE-TEX technologies in Salomon waterproof running shoes

Salomon incorporates two waterproofing technologies in their waterproof shoes – the ClimaShield Technology and the GORE-TEX membrane. These elements provide the foot a durable protection from coldness and wetness. The shoes with abbreviations “CS” and “GTX” are waterproof running shoes. The “CS” means ClimaShield and the “GTX” simply means GORE-TEX.

Is there a difference between Salomon’s CS and GTX running shoes?

best salomon waterproof running shoes
Best Salomon waterproof running Shoes - November 2019

  • Waterproofing – Since GTX is considered to be a more advanced waterproofing technology, Salomon GTX running shoes deliver better protection on both wet and cold conditions. The CS shoes will keep the foot dry and warm but they are not as reliable as the GTX shoes when used in puddles and snow.
  • Durability – Salomon considered their GTX running shoes to be more durable than the CS version. Based on their durability rating, GTX shoes have a 5/5 durability while the CS shoes have a 3/5 rating.
  • Price – Even if the ClimaShield technology is more affordable than GTX there is no significant difference in price among the Salomon CS and GTX waterproof running shoes. However, these waterproof shoes are more expensive compared to the regular models.
  • Weight – Because of the added upper protection against dampness and water, Salomon’s CS and GTX shoes are expected to weigh more. Added to this are the durable and efficient technologies incorporated to the shoes.
  • Breathability – With the objective to keep the foot warm and dry in cold and wet conditions, Salomon did not compromise the shoe’s comfort and breathability. Salomon waterproof running shoes continue to provide a breathable upper coverage.

Salomon waterproof trail running shoe

All of the Salomon waterproof running shoes are designed for trail running. The waterproof protection is very useful especially for trail enthusiasts who want to run on wet, muddy, and snowy conditions. The CS and GTX materials are strategically placed in the upper to prevent water or moist from entering the shoe. It also keeps the foot warm all throughout the run. Because of the layers of protection added in the upper, these waterproof running shoes are expected to be heavier and more expensive compared to the regular trail running shoes.