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  1. Salomon X Ultra 4 GTX - Magnet/Black/Monument (L412892)
    Any color
    Salomon X Ultra 4 GTX - Magnet/Black/Monument (L412892)
    Salomon X Ultra 4 GTX - Green (L413853)
    Salomon X Ultra 4 GTX - Blue (L416230)
    Salomon X Ultra 4 GTX - Black / Grey (L416229)
    $150 $113 Save 25%
  2. Salomon OUTline GTX - Black/Phantom/Magnet (L404770)
  3. Salomon X Ultra 3 GTX - Urban Chic Shadow Lunar Rock (L411684)
  4. Salomon Outpulse GTX - Sand (L415881)
  5. Salomon X Crest GTX - Brown (L414061)
  6. Salomon Outbound Prism GTX - Legion Blue/Mallard Blue/Monument (L415910)
  7. Salomon OUTward GTX - Peat/Black/Burnt Olive (L409579)
  8. Salomon Odyssey GTX - Black/Shale/High Risk Red (L411449)
  9. Salomon Cross Hike GTX - Grey (L412933)
  10. Salomon X Reveal GTX - Black (L409691)
  11. Salomon X Raise GTX - Brown (L410416)
  12. Salomon Outline Prism GTX - Blue (L412333)
  13. Salomon OUTbound GTX - Black (L407917)
  14. Salomon X Ultra 3 LTR GTX - Grey (L404784)
  15. Salomon Effect GTX - Negro Black (L393569)
  16. Salomon OUTpath Pro GTX - blue (L400017)
  17. Salomon X Ultra Prime CS WP - Blue (L393073)
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Get ready to go on an adventure using a new pair of Salomon waterproof hiking shoes. These footwear models are geared to give you agility and performance in a lightweight design. Their uppers are lined with waterproof membranes which shield your feet from the elements. They also come with various technologies that yield traction, support, and durability. All of these characteristics come together in Salomon’s selection of trail shoes that can keep your feet dry on the trail. Take a look at them and find out how handy they are for your outdoor excursions.

The main reason why you should get the best men's and women's Salomon waterproof hiking shoes

best salomon waterproof hiking shoes
Best Salomon waterproof hiking shoes - December 2019

There’s always a chance where you will encounter water-related challenges during a hike. It’s best if the pair you’re wearing has the means to keep your feet dry. Salomon waterproof hiking shoes are equipped with uppers that can achieve this. They are lined with waterproof membranes that hinder water from coming in contact with your feet. At the same time, they also permit excess moisture and heat to escape, making the footgear breathable.

Gore-Tex vs. ClimaShield

Most waterproof hiking shoes from Salomon employ a Gore-Tex membrane while some feature a Climashield liner. In essence, these two technologies fulfill the same function of keeping water out of the gear while allowing your feet to breathe. The surface of a Gore-Tex membrane is filled with over a billion pores to block water from passing through. Climashield liners also use the same construction method to achieve waterproofness. All in all, both of these technologies deliver sufficient water protection for your outdoor excursions.

Other technologies found in the best Salomon waterproof hiking shoes for men and women

Sensifit. Some of the best hiking shoes from Salomon feature Sensifit technology. It’s a system that wraps around the user’s foot and cradles it with a secure and precise fit.

Contagrip. This is Salomon’s proprietary outsole technology. It uses different rubber densities to deliver durability and optimal traction over virtually all types of surfaces.

Advanced Chassis. This feature is positioned between the midsole and outsole. It optimizes motion control, push-through protection, and energy return to deliver stability and responsiveness.

Ortholite. Select Salomon waterproof hiking shoes come with a removable Ortholite footbed. This durable component yields cushioning and underfoot comfort to the wearer.

EnergyCell. This patented midsole design from Salomon uses high-performance ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) foam to reduce ground impact.

Salomon waterproof hiking shoes care and maintenance guide

  • Get a soft brush and rinse your hikers using clean water.
  • Never machine wash your Salomon waterproof hiking shoes to prevent any lasting damage.
  • After cleaning your pair, place them in an airy spot to dry. Do not leave them near any direct source of heat as it may affect their quality.
  • Always clean the lining of your Salomon waterproof hiking shoes on a regular basis. This should be done to extend the life of this product and prevent odor from building up.
  • The brand recommends wearing socks when using these waterproof shoes to maintain the lining’s durability.