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There are few activities more exhilarating than reaching a mountain’s peak. Only a chosen few get to experience finishing this journey and live to tell the tale of it. Mind you; this isn’t like a simple walk in the park. You’ll be exposed to all sorts of dangers and obstacles along the way. Also, the high altitude is more challenging than what you think. It’s best to equip yourself with the necessary gear for this outdoor activity. When it comes to your footwear, one of the many options you can consider is a pair of Salomon mountaineering boots.

Reasons why the best men's and women's Salomon mountaineering boots are preferred

Best Salomon mountaineering boots - May 2020

Fit and comfort

Tackling a mountaineering trail is going to be impossible if your footwear doesn’t fit comfortably. Salomon mountaineering boots are designed to provide a snug fit without causing any discomfort. The footwear includes a padded tongue that adapts to the contours of your foot while relieving it from pressure. There’s a cushioned Ortholite footbed that provides sufficient underfoot comfort and prevents your feet from smelling bad. The lacing system in these boots locks your foot securely in place.

What are the things I should remember before buying new Salomon mountaineering boots from an online store?

  • The brand’s alpine footwear line is available for men and women.
  • Men’s sizes are around 7 to 13 while Salomon mountaineering boots for women range from 5 to 12.
  • Wear the socks you’re going to use for your mountaineering trip. Afterward, place the back of your foot against a wall and insert a piece of paper underneath it. Make sure the paper is longer than your foot. After doing so, trace a horizontal line just in front of your biggest toe.
  • Once you have done the previous step, you can now find out the length of your foot using a ruler. Match the measurement to the corresponding size in the brand’s guide. You can use either centimeters or inches.
  • Salomon’s guide shows US, UK, EUR sizes.
  • Your foot swells a little bit during the afternoon. This factor needs to be considered when ordering new Salomon mountaineering boots online so you can get a precise fit.


The higher you go up, the more challenging each step becomes. Salewa mountaineering boots are equipped with high-performance outsoles to give you a better grip. Flip one of the brand’s alpine footwear over, and you’ll see an aggressive lug pattern dominating the outsole’s surface. These multi-angular lugs are effective in biting down into any ground condition so you won’t slip. Along with these lugs, there are chevrons present to improve traction on ascending or descending slopes. Plus, the outsole’s design contains channels that disperse water and mud to enhance your grip on wet surfaces.

Can I attach crampons to my Salomon mountaineering boots?

The brand’s line of alpine footwear is engineered to accept crampons. The caveat here is you can only use basic strap-on crampons for a boost in traction. If the trail you’re planning to take is hard, it would be wise to use a pair of C1 Crampons with your Salomon mountaineering boots so you won’t lose your grip in this challenging environment.


Going all the way up to a peak will undoubtedly test the limits of your gear. Salomon mountaineering boots are engineered to endure this harsh environment. The brand uses sturdy materials, such as nubuck leather and Cordura fabric, for the footgear’s upper. A pair of rubber caps is found on both ends of the boot while mudguards are placed on the sides to make the boot last longer. The footwear’s dual-density ethylene-vinyl (EVA) midsole is designed to endure constant bending while the outsole can withstand contact on varied surfaces.


You’ll need to carry a pack full of outdoor essentials for your trip. The additional weight on your back needs to be appropriately supported. Mountaineering boots manufactured by Salomon provide you with this support, thanks to its high-cut design and the technologies incorporated in the footwear. The brand’s patented chassis technology grants structure and rigidity to the boot. The midsole used in these alpine footwear models contain two layers of compressed EVA for adequate support over all sorts of surfaces. The footbed found inside these Salomon mountaineering boots are also designed to reduce shock and cushion your every stride. All of these components help your feet handle the additional weight you’re carrying during a mountaineering trip.


No matter what the outdoor activity is, safety must always come first. Salomon mountaineering boots are built with several components that promote the protection of your feet. Foremost among these technologies is a waterproof liner to keep your feet dry. The same fabric also allows moisture to escape the boot’s insides and moderately retains heat in cold temperatures. The footgear contains rubber caps at both ends and mudguards on the side for enhanced protection against hazards on the trail. The footwear’s gusseted tongue prevents debris from coming in contact with your foot. Overall, these features will deliver the protection you need while conquering great heights.

Bonuses of wearing the best Salomon mountaineering boots


Salomon began in 1947 as a humble French workshop for ski edges and wood saws. The company would then shift its attention to producing cable bindings and ski steel edges. In 1979, Salomon made its entry into the outdoor footwear market by producing ski boots. 13 years later, the brand expanded its product line by offering the best hiking boots to consumers. Since then, Salomon would go on to build other types of footgear for outdoor enthusiasts, such as trail running shoes and hiking shoes.

Searching for your target pair of Salomon mountaineering boots is easy. The brand’s line of alpine footwear is being sold in around 20 countries all over the world. There is a wide range of online stores and retail suppliers that carry Salomon products for your benefit. Furthermore, Salomon’s mountaineering footgear models have been reviewed positively by several outdoor websites and blogs. A credible market presence and favorable first-hand experiences make these boots a popular choice among outdoor junkies.


Salomon mountaineering boots are being offered in different price points. Entry-level alpine footgear starts at $196 while premium boots range around $350. The finest alpine footwear models are expensive due to the inclusion of more features and technologies. It’s important to determine the demands of your trip first so you can choose a suitable pair of Salomon mountaineering boots.

Shoe technologies

  • Contagrip. This is Salomon’s proprietary outsole technology used in their line of mountaineering footwear. These outsoles contain a lug geometry specific for mountaineering purposes.
  • Gore-Tex. Salomon mountaineering boots are equipped with Gore-Tex liners to keep your feet dry. The surface of this fabric contains more than a billion microscopic pores that block water while allowing moisture to pass through it. The brand’s alpine footwear models use a Gore-Tex membrane that grants insulation suitable for moderate to cool weather conditions.
  • 3D Edging Chassis. Salomon’s patented chassis technology makes the boot more rigid so you can climb rocks better. A boot that uses 3D Edging Chassis also grants flexibility in the forefoot area for a smoother heel-to-toe transition.
  • Carbon Edging Chassis. This chassis design boasts a lighter and stiffer construction. As compared with Salomon’s 3D Edging Chassis, this technology delivers more dynamism.
  • Ortholite. Mountaineering boots manufactured by Salomon come with Ortholite footbeds for remarkable underfoot comfort. This footbed is breathable and keeps moisture to a minimum.
  • Quicklace. Select Salomon mountaineering boots use the brand’s Quicklace technology. This feature allows you to customize the fit of your footgear using a single stroke.

Frequently asked questions about the best Salomon mountaineering boots

How can I preserve the quality of my Salomon mountaineering boots?

Keeping your alpine footwear in good working condition is a must. Otherwise, the money you spent on this piece of gear would amount to nothing after a given amount of time. Shown below are some simple tips on how to maintain your Salomon mountaineering boots.

  • You should remove all traces of dirt and grime on your footgear after each use. The brand recommends the usage of clean water and a soft piece of cloth to wipe your boots.
  • Shake your footwear to get rid of sand, soil, and other particles stuck inside it.
  • Remove the laces and footbed from your boots so you can clean these components separately. This process also makes it easier for you to reach the insides of your footwear.
  • Never place your Salomon mountaineering boots inside a washing machine. Your footwear will be severely damaged if you choose to use this cleaning method.
  • Your boots should be left to dry in a spot far away from any direct source of heat, like the sun’s rays. The harsh heat will affect the quality of your alpine boots.
  • Wearing socks while you’re out and about is non-negotiable. This foot garment prevents odor build-up inside your Salomon mountaineering boots and maintains the quality of its lining.

The Salomon mountaineering boots I purchased are defective. What can I do about this problem?

The company’s products are not exempted when it comes to defects. In the event you received a defective pair, the first thing you should do is find the receipt of purchase. Once you have obtained this important document, you should discover the defect’s extent. Salomon would not honor your warranty claim if one of these factors caused the defect:

  • Normal wear and tear
  • Improper use and maintenance of your Salomon mountaineering boots
  • Damages caused by accidents, modifications, or any other action that doesn’t fall within the company’s area of responsibility

If none of these reasons caused the defect, you can proceed with your claim. Place your Salomon mountaineering boots in its original packaging and present it to your authorized retailer. The company will then review your claim. Once approved, Salomon will either repair the defect, replace the pair, or present you with a voucher equal to the purchase you made.