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If you want the pair you use outdoors to last longer than expected, you may find satisfaction in resoleable hiking boots. In essence, the sole component of a footgear bears the brunt of wear and tear every time you use them. Over time, its quality and performance won’t be the same as before. Certain brands manufacture resoleable offerings to resolve this predicament.

Why you should get new resoleable hiking boots


Best resoleable hiking boots - May 2020

There are instances when the pair you prefer using outdoors ends up with a worn outsole. You can either continue using them or get new hikers. The former may injure your feet while the latter entails spending your hard-earned money. Some footwear companies offer resoleable hiking boots as an alternative.

The design of these products allows trained craftsmen to remove the tattered sole from the footgear. After doing so, a new and compatible sole is installed. As a result, you get to preserve the quality of your hikers and extend their lifespan via this hiking boot sole replacement service.

How the best resoleable hiking boots last longer

Resoleable footwear products are constructed with an emphasis on longevity. As such, they sport a sole design that allows them to be removed and replaced with a newer variant. Normally, a sole is either sewn or glued to a boot. It must be removed first and cleaned from excess glue and debris after.

Once the area for resoling has been cleared, it needs to be roughened with a piece of sandpaper. This is required to strengthen the bonding surface of the new sole. The craftsman involved in this process will use either glue or sew the replacement sole into the boot, depending on the footgear’s design. A clamp is then used to hold these components together while traces of excess material are trimmed away.

After this process has been completed, the user may then test these resoleable hiking boots out in a controlled environment. This is done to determine if the new soles are properly attached to the footgear.

Certain brands that manufacture the best resoleable hiking boots for men and women


Some of the best resoleable hiking boots from Asolo are engineered for backpackers. They employ sturdy leather uppers lined with waterproof membranes. This combination allows outdoor lovers to tackle wet conditions with sufficient protection.

The brand’s resoleable hikers come with a Vibram outsole to give traction on virtually all types of terrain. Those who wish to resole Asolo boots should check the official product page for details or send an inquiry to confirm their resoleability.


Select Zamberlan products are designed to be resoleable. These offerings cater to outdoor enthusiasts who require a sturdy pair for backpacking. Some of the brand’s quality boots for multi-day trips come with a waxed Tuscan full-grain leather upper with a Gore-Tex laminate embedded into it. These components provide durability, abrasion-resistance, and water protection to backpackers.

Zamberlan’s resoleable hiking boots combine a tough PU midsole with a Vibram outsole to render both support and grip on varied ground conditions. These features work in unison to deliver these trail-centric traits to those who sport the brand’s resoleable hikers.