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Reebok Question basketball shoes

Allen Iverson didn't really have to wait long before Reebok gave him his own signature line. Right after being drafted in 1996, Reebok and Iverson launched the first Reebok Question. Why the name? If we look at the timing of the releases, we can infer that a "Question" is released at a significant or pivotal moment in AI's career. The first one marked his NBA debut, the Question 2 accompanied him as he joined the bronze-winning US national team in the 2004 Olympics, and the Question 3 came with him as he transfered to the Denver Nuggets from the Philadelphia 76ers.

The first Question is perhaps the most popular among all Allen Iverson basketball shoes. It was what he was wearing when he did his widely talked about crossover against Michael Jordan in 1997. He was still a rookie back then, and the season ended with him bagging the Rookie of the Year award.  

What separates the Questions from AI's far larger Reebok Answer collection is the Questions' use of Hexalite cushion. This cushioning, however, was not included in the revived and upgraded version of the Reebok Question in 2013. The Reebok Q96, instead, makes use of the DMX technology popularized by the Reebok Answers.

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Allen Iverson has a lifetime deal with Reebok, so we will definitely see more Questions, Anwers, or even entirely new Iverson basketball shoes in the NBA seasons to come. Given his celebrity status, AI's shoes are always on the pricier side. However, shops have the freedom to offer their products at reduced rates. How to know which shops are on sale? Here at RunRepeat, we present to you retailers that offer a particular shoe, and for how much. In just a glance, you can see which one offers the best possible deal. Price comparisons are definitely easy here.