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  1. Any color
    Reebok Trideca 200 - Black (FU6763)
    $110 $78 Save 29%
  2. Any color
    Reebok EnergyLux 2 - Heritage Navy/Navy/Yellow (EG8556)
    Reebok EnergyLux 2 - Gris Clair Gris Argent Orange Vif (FV5106)
    Reebok EnergyLux 2 - Cool Shadow / White / Matte Silver (EG8558)
    Reebok EnergyLux 2 - Collegiate Navy / Blue Blast / White (FV5107)
    Reebok EnergyLux 2 - Black (FV5105)
    Reebok EnergyLux 2 - Black White Silver (EG8559)
    $60 $27 Save 55%
  3. Any color
    Reebok Floatride Run 2.0 - Blue (DV6775)
    Reebok Floatride Run 2.0 - Heritage Teal/Black/White (EH0974)
    Reebok Floatride Run 2.0 - Glablu/Vivdor/Black (EF3551)
    $150 $96 Save 36%
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buy reebok minimalist running shoes for men and women

The danger of being so good for so long is to be satisfied at what works and looks best that the company stops striving for more advancements and improvements that would provide even more benefits for the masses. Luckily for runners out there, Reebok has kept that same zeal of producing not only fashionable shoes but shoes of high quality performance as well. The more than 100,000 reviews on various Reebok shoes are enough indications of their unending passion in manufacturing shoes worthy of every runner’s foot.

What does Reebok offer in their best minimalist shoes?

  • The best Reebok minimalist shoes offer incredible natural foot and leg articulation. Without various forms of impediment or features the foot would be basically left to its devices and do what it is supposed to naturally do.
  • The more natural forefoot and midfoot strikes would be enhanced with the best Reebok minimalist shoes. Minimal cushioning in the heel area would force the runner to focus on the midfoot and forefoot strikes. These are more efficient strikes and should translate to a much quicker pace in running.
  • Less interference from common shoe features would create a shorter but more compact stride. A shorter stride would allow the muscles on the ankles and the legs to strengthen on their own. The stronger and more develop the runner’s legs and foot are, the less susceptible he is to injuries associated with repeated use.
  • Reebok minimalist shoes sit much closer to the ground for exceptional sensory feedback. A sure and confident stride is also a sign of a more efficient runner. The more efficient a runner is, the longer and harder he can make his runs.
  • Minimalist shoes made by Reebok do a great job of replicating the feel of barefoot running. If barefoot running is beyond the normal tolerance of most runners, wearing minimalist shoes would the next best thing.
  • The bare as bone structure of Reebok minimalist shoes automatically means a more flexible ride that is not found in any other kind of shoes. Superb shoe flexibility is another way of aping barefoot running at its best.
  • Minimalist trail fans are very much within Reebok’s collective thoughts. Trail fanatics can still enjoy nature with Reebok’s trail specific minimalist shoes. Shoes built for the trail are minimalist up to a point. Any decent trail shoe would always be a bit stiff and structured compared to its track partners.
  • The uneven and more often rugged outdoor landscape understandably calls for better protection and support, otherwise, injuries would be inevitable in the trail.
  • Reebok minimalist shoes, whether trail or track specific, showcase great responsive cushioning.

What are the deciding features of the best Reebok minimalist shoes?

  • Weight. Like all other brands, Reebok presents ultra light minimalist shoes. The shoes are basically skeletal in makeup, which should usually result to feather light shoes.
  • Heel-to-toe drop. For minimalist shoes, the heel offset ranges from 4mm or lower. The lower the shoe goes, the better the ground experience is.
  • Structure. Almost skeletal makeup of the shoe deprives it of more stability and support features. The less structure the shoe possesses, the better it replicates barefoot running.