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Reebok Classic Leather Sneakers

Best Reebok Classic Leather Sneakers
Best Reebok Classic Leather Sneakers - May 2019

When it comes to being a shoe that commands authority, Reebok can instantly boast about the number of years they have been around, and they have to right to. A brand steeped in history, Reebok has released many famous and amazing footwear that has gained worldwide notoriety with every release. But in true legend fashion, there was one shoe that helped Reebok skyrocket to popularity amongst sneakerheads; the Reebok Classic Leather.

Ready to know more about these casual sneakers? Read more about it below.

The shoe that helped Reebok rise: The Reebok Classic Leather

Not one to take thing seated, Reebok released the Reebok Classic Leather in 1983 as a sort of response to another sneaker model that was released by a now major footwear brand. In the history of sneakers, the Reebok Classic Leather sneakers were the brand’s first real success story, a lifestyle phenomenon that has a lot of sneakerheads taken and enamored by it up to this day.

At the time of the release of the Reebok Classic Leather, it was a running shoe considered to be a luxury to own as it was the first running kick ever to get a leather upper. Many lauded that the leather material used for the upper made it comfy to run in. But with a kick like this, it was only natural for people to shift their focus from performance to the style of Reebok Classic Leather sneakers.

Notable Reebok Classic Leather sneakers

With a brand as famous as Reebok, and the Reebok Classic Leather taking the sneaker industry by a storm, it’s only reasonable for the brand to come up with many variations of the iconic silhouette. Here are some of our favorite Reebok Classic Leather sneakers that we recommend people check out:

Reebok Classic Leather UE

The Classic Leather UE has been touted to be a sneaker that ranks high on the list of good Reebok Classic Leather sneakers. It’s a treat to wear when out and about the city and makes for a good pair of travel kicks. Here are some points to check out:

  • The nubuck and suede upper gives support and adds style.
  • There is a tumbled leather toe on the kicks.
  • A die-cut EVA midsole offers excellent cushioning and shock absorption.
  • For ventilation, perforations on the side stripe are evident.
  • Durable and with good traction, the rubber outsole completes the look of the Classic Leather UE.

Reebok Classic Leather NM

Classic yet modern, the Classic Leather NM is timeless and makes an excellent addition to the existing Reebok Classic Leather sneakers collection. It’s a pair that has the curves and familiarity of the silhouette everyone has come to love but with a twist. Read more about the shoe below:

  • The upper for this variant is made of both leather and a breathable mesh.
  • It is very light to wear and soft on the feet.
  • High abrasion rubber for superior stability and cushioning for comfort is evident on the sneaker.
  • The Leather NM has a sporty edge to it.

Reebok Classic Leather SM

Hailed as a lifestyle shoe that is comfy and molds to the feet, the Classic Leather Speckled Midsole is something that many Classic Leather sneakerheads want to own. The classic look is retained, but contemporary designs give it a touch of new. Know more about it:

  • The SM in the name stands for Speckled Midsole.
  • It comes with an Ortholite insole so one can wear it longer.
  • The anti-microbial properties the insole also prevents foot odor.
  • The soles’ speckled design is an eye-catcher.
  • The upper is made of leather and nubuck.
  • Soles with contrasting colors can be found on some of the Classic Leather SM.

Reebok Classic Leather SG

Joining the Reebok Classic Leather sneakers family is the Leather SG, said to be one of Reebok’s comfiest sneaker. Quality can be seen on this pair of kicks as the brand has taken the time to pay attention to detail. Many fans are very appreciative of this model. Here’s more on it:

  • The SG in the name of this model means Seasonal Gum.
  • EVA midsoles can be found on the shoe.
  • This Reebok Classic Leather has a beautiful white variant with the gum sole.
  • The OG gum sole returns for this version.
  • Meanwhile, the upper is elevated with the pigskin nubuck material used on it.
  • Some notable colorways include Smoky Indigo, and Washed Jade.

Reebok Classic Leather TDC

It’s another variant of the original, but one made to be highly appealing for fashion-forward sneakerheads and Reebok fans alike. Want to know more? Read on:

  • This pair has a BiDensity Shock Protection System.
  • For better shock absorption, the sneaker has also been outfitted with a die-cut EVA midsole.
  • The low cut design gives the wearer more freedom regarding the movement of the ankle.
  • A padded collar and tongue add comfort.
  • On the interior and inner heel, one can see Reebok using graphics to give the shoe that lifestyle sneaker vibe.

Reebok Classic Leather Gum

Ready to hit the streets? With this variant of the Reebok Classic Leather sneakers, it's almost a must to flaunt it! It’s great to wear casually and even to work for places that are good with the semi-casual look. Neutral-colored and gum-soled Classic Leather, these kicks pair well with a slew of outfits. Learn more about the Classic Leather Gum below:

  • A gum outsole makes these very appealing to fashionistas.
  • It’s also been said to be a very light pair of shoes.
  • Soft leather makes up the upper and is very comfortable on foot.
  • The gum outsole has excellent grip.
  • Contrasting the upper and the midsole is the brown toned gum sole.

Reebok Classic Leather EBK

Meshed together to bring in a shoe that makes for a great addition to any collection is the Leather EBK from the Reebok Classic Leather sneakers line. Reebok makes sure to use the best of the best for it. Perfect for light activities such as walking, the kicks are a definite must-have for any sneakerhead. Check out the details below:

  • The EBK in the name Reebok Classic Leather EBK stands for Elevated Basic Knit.
  • On this pair, the knit fabric has been added to the upper.
  • The knit material can be found on the tongue and quarter of the shoes.
  • For that “heritage feel,” a gum rubber sole can be seen.
  • This is a unisex pair of shoes.
  • The leather is vegetable-tanned.

Reebok Classic Leather ALR

It’s a kick with a lot of fans fawning over it, and the Leather ALR has the same silhouette as the Classic Leather that came out back in the 80s. The difference? The premium tweaks of the Attentive Lover model that Reebok added make it a standout amongst the Reebok Classic Leather sneakers.

It’s an excellent choice to consider and will surely enhance any outfit that one has on. Curious to know more? Here are more details:

  • The upper for this pair is made of mesh, a smooth and soft leather, and suede described as being buttery.
  • It also has the Reebok logo with the Union Jack done up in a brass color.
  • For breathability, perforations on the toebox are evident.
  • A molded sockline gives good comfort and offers excellent cushioning.
  • Upping the sneaker tech, one can find a BiDensity EVA midsole on it.

Reebok Classic Leather 2.0

A makeover is in order, and that’s what’s been done with the Classic Leather 2.0, and it’s been done so that the kicks give maximum comfort when worn. It’s a great pair of stylish sneakers if one wants to impress their date or to wear on a regular day out. Doesn’t mean the kicks won’t work well at parties, though! Here are more details that might pique one’s interest:

  • The sneaker has modernized features.
  • A tumbled leather upper is used.
  • One can see sharp detail accents.
  • A gum sole also gives the Classic Leather 2.0 new life.
  • For a comfortable and snug support, the upper has heat-sensitive material applied to it.

Reebok Classic Leather Camp

The epitome of retro design, the Classic Leather Camp delights with the stylish silhouette. It’s been described to have that “camping” feel when in the city; a casual and comfortable sneaker with an athletic profile that many people want. Details can be read below:

  • There is a pop of color on the heel tab.
  • For better cushioning, padded sockliners have been added.
  • The outsole of the sneaker has a herringbone pattern that provides superb traction.

Reebok Classic Leather Altered

This variant is a distinct one when it comes to the Reebok Classic Leather sneakers collection. It stays true to its name, altering itself to give sneakerheads a treat of a shoe. Here are some of the details to take note of with the Leather Altered:

  • There are bold as well as subtle brandings on the sneaker.
  • A “Concept Sample 002” has been added on the outsole.
  • With a TPU overlay, the sporty yet contemporary vibe is elevated.

Reebok Classic Leather Pastels

Fun with colors come into the picture with this pair of pastel-colored Reebok Classic Leather sneakers. Classic and sporty, the Leather Pastels really do give a thrill that both men and women can enjoy. Pairing these would be a dream, and the colors aren’t even flashy. Read more about these kicks here:

  • These sneakers have soft pastel colors to it done in one solid color.
  • The original silhouette and materials are used for the Reebok Classic Leather Pastels.
  • Padded for additional cushioning are the tongue and collar.
  • On the side panels, tongue, and heel are Reebok brandings.

Reebok Classic Leather Urban Descent

Reinventions are something that Reebok excels at, and it does it again with the Leather Urban Descent, a reinvented Classic Leather. Enticing and new, this variation gives sneakerheads something that is unparalleled in design. Details on the sneaker follow after this:

  • A hipster design has been incorporated into the sneaker.
  • The shoe was released back in 2017.
  • Upon the first release, the Urban Descent had colorway options in olive, off-white, and blue-gray.
  • For the upper, mesh material, nylon, and nubuck are used.
  • The upper gives good support as well as a cozy feel.

Reebok Classic CL Leather Ripple Mono

Adding to the Reebok Classic Leather sneakers collection, the Leather Ripple Mono has a tonal color that adds to the attention-grabbing appeal of the sneaker. These are some details that might interest sneakerheads:

  • The upper of the shoes are made from leather.
  • Perforations in the toe area of the kicks give the wearer better breathability.
  • Terry fabric lines the shoe’s collar.
  • A “ripple” sole is evident on the sneaker.

Reebok Classic Leather Ripple Low BP

Continuing to add to the Reebok Classic Leather sneakers collection. The Leather Ripple Low BP is a sneaker that has gained praise from many Reebok fans. Design, function, and comfort take center stage with it. Here are some more points that will make the shoes very enticing:

  • A vector logo on the lateral panel has the same color as the midsole’s wedge.
  • The sneaker has been outfitted with a high-abrasion ripple outsole.
  • The outsole has superb traction and durability.
  • Cushioning is added with the foam insert provided.

Reebok Classic Leather sneakers and men's sizing

For Reebok Classic Leather sneakers, sizing is everything. We have to remember that upon the initial release of the Reebok Classic Leather and the Reebok Classic, both came in men’s sizing. The size range of many Reebok Classic Leathers is varied. Here are the different sizes for a variety of Classic Leather:

9 - 13 US

  • Reebok Classic Leather Gum

7 - 15 US

  • Reebok Classic Leather Altered
  • Reebok Classic Leather Pastels

7 - 13 US

  • Reebok Classic Leather NM
  • Reebok Classic Leather TDC
  • Reebok Classic Leather EBK
  • Reebok Classic Leather 2.0

6 - 16 US

  • Reebok Classic Leather UE
  • Reebok Classic Leather ALR
  • Reebok Classic Leather Camp

5 - 15 US

  • Reebok Classic Leather Urban Descent
  • Reebok Classic Leather Ripple Low BP

5 - 14 US

  • Reebok Classic Leather SM

5 - 13 US

  • Reebok Classic CL Leather Ripple Mono

4 - 13 US

  • Reebok Classic Leather SG

The Backstory: Reebok Classic

It’s almost been a trend ever since it came out that a clean pair of Reeboks is excellent everyday accessories, especially in Europe. Hence the popularity of the Reebok Classic. The Reebok Classic is a lifestyle shoe brand from Reebok that has much favorite casual wear. Some of the sneaker lines included in the Reebok Classic collection are:

  • Classic Leather
  • Workout
  • Ex-O-Fit
  • Newport Classic
  • Freestyle 
  • Retro Running
  • Retro Basketball
  • InstaPump Fury

Frequently Asked Questions

When was Reebok founded?

The Reebok brand was founded in 1895 by Joseph William Foster. Its initial company name was J.W. Foster and Sons. But in 1958, the company changed its name to Reebok, a word originating from the Afrikaans word rhebok, a type of African antelope.

Are the Reebok Classic Leather sneakers unisex?

Initially, the Reebok Classic Leathers were only available in sizes for men but over time, things changed. Iteration of the sneakers began to be released in women’s sizes, too. Although some variant of the Reebok Classic Leathers are still made exclusively for men, women can simply convert sizes to get a pair.

How is the fit of the sneaker?

The fit of the sneakers are generally designed for those with average widths. For more information on sizing and finding out the perfect fit, it’s best to check out the shoes in person and to try it on before purchase.

What is the size range of the sneakers?

The size ranges are as follows:

Men's Reebok Classic Leather Size Range:

4 - 16 US

Women's Reebok Classic Leather Size Range:

5 - 12 US

** It’s good to take note that the sizing still depends on what iteration of the Reebok Classic Leather one gets.

Can the Reebok Classic Leather sneakers still be used for running?

The Reebok Classic Leather’s origins go back to being a pair of running shoes but, over the years, it’s become a pair of lifestyle kicks that are usually worn for casual reasons. Nonetheless, some still do wear it when out for a jog or a light run. Nothing too heavy though.

How can these shoes be styled?

Styling the Classic Leather is a breeze and a delight for many. Seeing as it is made for that every day on the go vibe, it is best paired with jeans, shorts, and joggers. For women, summer dresses and jumpers, as well as short denim shorts accentuate the kicks nicely. With versatility being a critical point, the shoe is also great to wear to semi-formal events. Some fashionistas have even gone as far as to wear it with a suit. The styling options with this one are endless.

Where can the sneakers be bought?

Major mall outlets and shoe stores usually have a stock of Reebok Classic Leather sneakers. For more choices on different iterations and colors, heading to an official Reebok outlet store is one's best bet.

Can one get it online?

It’s a definite yes! Many major online sites sell the Classic Leather by Reebok and its many iterations. Heading to the official Reebok site also offers one a plethora of options that may not be available in stores.

A color for the shoes isn’t available online. Can it be requested?

Unfortunately, especially on the official site, requesting colors that are unavailable or out of stock isn’t an option. One has just to wait for the colorway to be restocked before they can buy it.

How can buying counterfeit or fake Reebok Classic Leather sneakers be prevented?

First off, it’s best to do a bit of research on the shoe that one is buying to get a good grasp of the details really. One way to avoid purchasing fake sneakers is to know the product so that one can weed out the low-quality counterfeit kicks if presented with one at a store.

Another option, especially when buying online, is to read reviews and ask questions. A sure way to avoid fake products is to buy from the official Reebok site.