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Red Nike basketball shoes

Each year, Nike basketball rolls out unique basketball shoe collections to commemorate special occasions such as the 4th of July (Independence Day) and Chinese New Year (Lunar New Year/Spring Festival). The collection typically includes red Nike basketball shoes to keep in line with the festive themes of these events. These collections are usually composed of basketball shoes from the signature collections of Nike-sponsored athletes Kevin Durant, LeBron James, Kyrie Irving, and Paul George.

Together with white and blue ones, red Nike basketball shoes are also released to honor the USA during the Olympic season, especially that most if not all players in Nike's roster also play for the national team during that time. National team athletes who are sponsored by other brands such as Under Armour's Steph Curry and Adidas's James Harden also release their own white, blue, and red basketball shoes to pay tribute to the United States of America.

Red Nike basketball shoes: Other meanings

Besides the Chinese New Year and the USA, red basketball shoes also honor other things. Some red Nike basketball shoes are released to pay tribute to schools, basketball teams, people, and localities. Nike also has a customization platform called NikeID where any user such as yourself can design their own red basketball shoes. You can decide what shade of red is going to be used and which other colors your are going to mix in your unique colorway.