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Puma track and field shoes are a well-known line of footwear since time immemorial. One of the most significant contributions to the brand's success is that they keep launching innovative and improved track and field running shoe models. Athletes that are avid supporters of Puma never get bored choosing from a wide variety of designs and colors, whichever suits their style the most. Puma track and field shoes develop their shoes with both experienced and novice runners in mind. Thus, it caters uniquely to each and every single athlete who decides to be powered by Puma for their track and field events.

What makes the Puma track and field shoes stand out?

Best Puma track and field shoes - May 2020

Several reasons make the Puma track and field shoes stand out from the rest of the competitions like the Adidas Adizero Finesse. One of these is the easily spotted Puma Formstrips. Another reason is that the brand has successfully reached its goal of making good quality track and field shoes that are both classy and affordable. Puma aims to focus on providing safe, comfortable, and, most importantly, functional shoes to athletes of different levels.

Key features of Puma track and field shoes

Track and field shoes from Puma have always been sleek with its ageless Formstrip and appealing logo. The shoe oozes style without compromising performance. But what kinds of shoe characteristics and features are taken into consideration when manufacturing the perfect Puma track shoe to beat one's personal record? Here are some important features that would make any athlete want to purchase a pair of Puma track and field shoes.

Support and Comfort. In the sport of track and field, having responsive and supportive shoes is crucial. That is why Puma does not compromise when it comes to their track spikes' upper, midsole, and outsole. They prioritize that the wearer's feet get adequate support and are cushioned while at the same time keeping a dry, cool, and healthy environment in-shoe. Puma is known to develop some of the most innovative cushioning that they incorporate in the shoes' midsole, such as the cell cushioning technology, foam beads, and Ignite foam.

Durability. This is another essential factor that makes Puma track and field shoes stand out. The brand uses sturdy materials that make these shoes last longer. It is guaranteed that the shoe's durability will get any runner through seasons of competitions.

Breathability. Ventilation and moisture management are essential factors that make or break the quality of a good track shoe. Many Puma spikes feature perforated mesh or breathable fabric that keeps the airflow intact, thus promoting a healthier in-shoe environment for the wearer's feet.

Puma track and field shoe technologies

Track and field shoes from Puma are definitely not short of the known and innovative Puma shoe technologies. Below are just some of the said technologies that power Puma track and field shoes. These shoe technologies will help carry any athlete bullet-fast to the finish line.

Microfiber one-piece upper. It is a material that helps in keeping the foot secure by locking it down to the midsole and spike plate. The microfiber material used by Puma is a fine synthetic fiber that has the drape and texture like that of natural fiber cloth.

EverTrack+. This innovative outsole technology is an enhanced, lightweight cushioning technology. It is also durable that helps with a smoother toe-off and reliable traction. It is placed in the outsole's heel and forefoot to aid during both impact and toe-off. No matter what the racing condition is, dry, wet, track, or trail, the EverTrack+ will deliver in any situation.

Full-length EVA. Puma track and field shoes that feature a full-length EVA midsole are guaranteed to be well-cushioned. The EVA midsole offers additional comfort and protection to the shoe's underfoot. It also helps in providing stability of the foot, and it is also very durable, enabling the shoe to endure almost all types of running terrain.

Proplate. The Proplate is Puma's engineered propulsion plate that propels the wearer faster through every stride. It also assists in providing better reflex during toe-off.

FuseFit. This shoe technology is Puma's knitted upper solution. It provides a lacing system that can be customized while maintaining a sock-like feel.

Mono Mesh. This shoe feature comes with an internal mesh lining, and it is very lightweight. It is designed to provide a form-fitting wrap that is not only light, but it is also flexible. The Mono Mesh material also has breathing holes that allow fresh air to permeate the shoe for a more breathable in-shoe experience.

EcoOrtholite sock liner. Puma track and field shoes that have the EcoOrtholite sock liner are shoes known to be breathable and light. This shoe feature encourages a fresher and healthier foot environment thanks to its moisture-wicking properties. It is also made with bio-based materials making it environmentally friendly.

Buyer’s guide to Puma track and field running shoes

  1. Puma track and field shoes are suggested to fit tighter than the standard running shoes. The ideal fit for the track shoes is that it should fit like a glove to the wearer's feet. It should feel low to the ground and that the toes are close to the front of the shoe.
  2. Middle distance and long-distance runners are suggested to consider Puma track and field shoes that offer more support and cushioning. This is also the type of track shoe that is essential to be used by athletes that are heel strikers and developing athletes.
  3. Choosing the Puma track and field shoe with the right spike plate goes a long way. If the wearer suffers from Achilles problems, then it is ideal to stay away from full-length and rigid spike plates. These types of spike plates absorb most of the pressure in the Achilles area and the knees. It is advised for these types of athletes to use a half plate spike plate because it tends to be more flexible.

Breaking in Puma track and field shoes

It is essential to break in Puma track shoes before using them in competitions and races. This is for the reason that when used right out of the box, some areas of the shoe might still be stiff and could cause friction against the wearer's skin. It is ideal to do sets of short runs or to use them for three to four light workouts before the race day. 

The break-in period varies from one shoe to another. Still, if a pair of Puma track shoes is broken-in correctly, it will most definitely be perfect for racing in any track and field events.

Suggested below is a simplified two-week plan that any athlete can follow on how to correctly break-in a pair of Puma track and field shoes.

First Week

Day one: Warm up in regular running shoes. Then do eight reps of  100-meter strides (not sprints) in your spikes.

Day two: Warm up in regular running shoes. Then do six reps of 200-meter strides (not sprints) in your spikes.

Second Week

Day one: Warm up in regular running shoes. Then run six rounds of 100-meter sprints in spikes.

Day two: Warm up in regular running shoes. Then run four rounds of 200-meter sprints in spikes.

If the track spikes are still not comfortable or if it still does not feel right after two weeks, just extend the break-in period for a couple more days.

How to care for Puma track spikes

Take the track spikes out of the shoe bag

The most valuable way to take care of your Puma track and field spikes is by taking it out of the shoe bag at the end of every training session. This will help air out and dry the shoes, especially if the wearer often sweats and goes sockless.

Dipping the spike pins in oil before screwing in

The trick of dipping the pins in 10W30 oil before screwing them into the shoe is that it prevents rust and therefore allows for easy removal and screwing in. This also helps when training in the wet grass at the same time during the hot and dry weather.

Carry a pair of pliers

Always carry a portable pair of pliers. In every competition season, one athlete is bound to strip the threading for a spike pin, and the only way to remove it is with pliers. It is always better to be prepared with handy pliers for when situations arise that require sudden pin removals.

Frequently asked questions

What are the best models for Puma track and field shoes?

The best Puma track and field shoes that are currently out in the market are the Puma TFX V4 and the Puma Evospeed Star V4. The Puma TFX V4 does not only offer enhanced speed and support, but it also comes with a budget-friendly price. On the other hand, the Puma Evospeed Star V4 is a very versatile track and field shoe being able to perform great on both running and jumping events.

Should socks be worn when wearing Puma track and field shoes?

Puma track and field shoes are supposed to have a snug fit that is why it depends on the user if he or she wants to wear socks. However, wearing racing spikes sock-free can increase the chances of getting blisters. If one is not comfortable with wearing socks with their track spikes, there are thin technical socks that are available in running specialty shops. This will not only make the user more comfortable but will also help in reducing the risk of injuries.

How to spot an authentic pair of Puma track and field shoe

To know if one's Puma track spikes is an original, look for the Anti-Counterfeit Label. This can be found inside the shoe's tongue and check for a label that says, "Official Licensed FI Product." This label should be present in all Puma shoes. It usually comes in four-color combinations, which are red, blue, green, and black. Other color combinations besides these indicate counterfeit or copies of Puma track and field shoes.