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Puma Roma Sneakers: Tracing Their Roots

Best Puma Roma Sneakers
Best Puma Roma Sneakers - May 2019

Puma is known the world over as a creative genius of functional shoes that ooze with style. Although the company started out with football, the brand is also very much identified with the running genre. The Puma Roma, in fact, started out as runners. These classics were designed to enhance athletes’ performance during hurdles, sprints, and other track events and were created to commemorate Italy’s feat in winning the UEFA European Football Championship.

The original shoes had uppers made of padded nylon/suede, a T-toe suede design, prominent rubber toecaps, and leather heel tabs. The result was a sleek profile that looked just as hip on the track as they did on the runway. Which probably explains how this timeless silhouette has managed to cross boundaries from sport into fashion quickly.

From sporting icon to lifestyle sneaker, the Puma Roma has managed to keep relevant through the years since its launch in 1968. This enduring quality plus its exemplary design has endeared itself to many and has resulted in various iterations of the silhouette, each as memorable as the last.

The Roma is one of Puma’s most prolific silhouettes when you count how many versions of this model came out. Below are some of the iterations of these famous sneakers, divided into sections by fabric.

Lifestyle versions of the Puma Roma in leather

1. Puma Roma OG 80s - New updates for the silhouette notwithstanding, such as the padded collars and tongues, and improved arch support, these kicks remain the same comfortable Puma Roma you’ve known. The uppers have been remade into leather and suede but retain the same sleek cut.

These men’s Puma Roma shoes are available in a few colorways including a brilliant yellow and black combination that’s reminiscent of Bruce Lee’s famous outfit.


  • Solar Power-Puma Black
  • Gray Violet-Barbados Cherry
  • Twilight Blue-Blue Fog
  • Puma White-Peacoat

2. Puma Roma Ano - Modern meets classic in these hip kicks that boast of tonal metallic uppers made of iridescent leather. The silhouette remains largely unchanged with the exception of orthopedic arch supports for maximizing comfort.

These metallic gold, silver, rose gold, blue, and red Puma Roma shoes are available in men’s sizing. For some colorways, the midsoles and outsoles of the Roma Ano are done in the same tonal shades as the uppers for a maximum monochromatic effect.


  • High Risk Red
  • Puma Royal
  • Rose Gold
  • Silver/White
  • Metallic Gold/White

3. Puma Roma Patent - It’s possible to be classic and be street at the same time. The Patent Roma upper gives the retro silhouette a new modern spin with the shiny patent leather that graces its uppers. The shoes come in monochromatic tones that extend all the way down to the soles.


  • High Risk Red
  • Black

4. Puma Roma Basic Perf - For people who want super breathable shoes, these are the sneakers to try. The classic has been outfitted in pure leather with perforations all over the Roma Basic for maximum ventilation. The uppers are all in one monochromatic shade with toecaps either in black or in white.


  • Blue Indigo-Puma White
  • Puma Black-Puma White
  • Puma White-Nimbus Cloud

5. Puma Roma Texture - The first thing that will capture your eyes when it comes to the Puma Roma Texture is the scale-embossed leather uppers that give these sneakers an ultra-sleek and polished appearance. The distinctly modern vibe does not detract from the retro look but rather enhances it. Add to that package superior cushioning and lightweight construction, and you’ve got surefire winners for smart casual affairs.

The textured uppers of these kicks are offered in tonal shades and come with smooth leather Formstrips running down the sides. The EVA wedge midsoles are done partly in white and partly in the same shade as the uppers while the outsoles match the uppers’ shades completely.


  • Steel Grey-Limestone
  • Puma Black-White
  • Peacoat-Puma White

6. Puma Roma Basic - These Puma Roma sneakers, while still maintaining that 60s flavor, carry a straightforward, back-to-basics styling. The no-frills shoes are dressed in synthetic leather uppers, strengthened toecaps, and clean neutral colors.


  • White-Light Grey
  • White-New Navy
  • Black-White-Puma Silver
  • ‘Black-Black

7. Puma Roma Retro Sports - The striking colorways of the Puma Roma Retro Sports has an upscale retro vibe that’s hard to miss. These men’s Puma Roma shoes are covered in beautiful two-toned leather uppers. White toe caps contrast nicely with the rich shades of the leather fabrics.

It has to be noted that these kicks also carry orthopedic arch supports for comfort and stability.


  • Buckthorn Brown-Iron Gate-Puma White
  • Peacoat/Red/Puma White

8. Puma Roma Citi Series - If it were possible for sneakers to look refined, then the Roma Citi Series would be the very definition of the word. The shoes’ fancy leather uppers and premium-looking colorway take the old-school silhouette up a notch to a more sophisticated level.

The uppers are crafted from black leather, and a brown Formstrip provides the contrast. The collars were given a striking striped pattern of black and brown. Two-toned midsoles complete the look.


  • Black Chipmunk

9. Puma Ferrari Roma - With a motorsport interpretation of the retro shoes, what else can you expect but sleek and premium-looking shoes with a fast and casual style? These impressive Puma Roma leather sneakers contain the Ferrari logo on the sides and boast of luxurious and elegant shades.


  • Pomegranate
  • Puma White
  • Peacoat

10. Puma Roma Basic Holographic - The Roma Holographic is a bow to modern trends while maintaining the retro profile. This time the kicks are dressed in leather, contain a somewhat bulkier build, and feature hologram accents on the Formstrip for a more prominent look.


  • Puma White-Green Gecko
  • Puma White-Gold
  • Puma Black

11. Puma Roma Reflective - The Roma Reflective Puma shoes are designed deceptively simple styling. During the day when it’s bright outside, the shoes look laidback enough for a day at the park. At night is when the fun begins. The shoes are covered in reflective uppers that illuminate the shoes whenever the light hits them, which makes them perfect for the club or biking at night.


  • Silver

Lifestyle versions of the Puma Roma in suede/nubuck

Puma Roma SL Nubuck 2 - These are ultra casual sneakers that have kept the original profile intact but covered the uppers with a new soft fabric. The faux nubuck uppers keep these kicks super casual while maintaining the shoes at a very light weight.

The colorways remain simple according to usual Puma Roma standards but are kept interesting with the contrasting Formstrips at the side.


  • New Navy/White
  • Glacier Grey
  • Black/Ribbon Red

Puma Roma Natural Warmth - Just like the old-school Romas, these men’s Puma Roma shoes contain that beloved streamlined and sleek look which some of the newer iterations do not have. The Puma Roma Natural Warmth has uppers made entirely of supple suede and comes in several warm hues.


  • Falcon
  • Sailor Blue
  • Olive Night
  • Brown
  • Black
  • Birch

Lifestyle versions of the Puma Roma in mesh/nylon/other fabrics

Puma Roma Basic Summer - New fun colors spiced up the Puma Roma silhouette with the launch of the Roma Basic Summer sneakers. The time-tested comfort and fit of the original are still in full force with this iteration that comes with the familiar feel of nylon and suede.

Although completely monochromatic from the uppers to the midsoles, the vivid hues are fun to play with and will match with just about anything in your closet.  The toe caps and outsoles are made of gummy rubber.


High Risk Red

Sea Foam-Blue Green

Puma Black

Puma Roma Denim - The retro silhouette has been given a denim makeover with the introduction of the Puma Roma Denim. The comfort has been further elevated with the orthopedic arch supports, but the old-school style and feel remain the same.

These Puma Roma sneakers are specifically designed for men, but shouldn’t dissuade women who like the timeless look. Just size down, and you should be A-ok.


Puma Black/Dark Shadow

Burnt Olive/Forest Night

Puma Roma OG Nylon - These vintage Puma Roma shoes will gladden the hearts of many a fan of the silhouette. Resurrecting the nylon material of the old days, the Puma Roma OG Nylon captures that late 60s feel and awakens nostalgia for that bygone era when the runner reigned supreme. Now considered as lifestyle sneakers, the Roma OG Nylon does not fail to impress with their lightweight build and comfortable ride.

These black, blue, beige, and red Puma Roma shoes feature solid colors for the uppers. Part of the midsoles along the heels are done in the same shade as the uppers. The main part of the midsoles and the whole of the outsoles are colored white which, while providing balance, also makes it seem as though the white Formstrips are flowing directly to the soles.


Puma Black


Puma Roma Gents - These superlative kicks feature a polished casual look courtesy of the smooth nubuck uppers. Same comfort, same fit, but now with a hint of suave thrown in.


Red Dahlia-Dark Shadow-White-Rock Ridge

Birch Chocolate-Brown




Puma Roma Woven Mesh - This iteration is probably the most different among the classic’s versions. Not just because of the mesh uppers but also due to the interesting detailing on the material as well as the gradient hues. These Puma Roma sneakers still contain the T-toe design the silhouette is known for, but this time they are represented by patterns on the mesh fabric.


Black/Capri Breeze

Lime Punch/Steel Grey


Limoges/Vermillion Orange


Puma Roma x Tomas Maier - Five decades after the release of the 1968 Roma, the silhouette is being released once more. What’s extraordinary about this new version is that it’s a collaboration with world-renowned designer Tomas Maier of Bottega Veneta fame.

The new spin is an impressive blend of modernism and playful laidback attitude. The white Puma Roma shoes’ leather uppers and gumsoles may be the usual retro release for some, but the embossed palm trees (Maier’s logo) all over the sneakers speak of the talented designer’s touch.

The shoes are elegant yet minimalist at the same time. The Bottega Veneta creative director himself said he designs collections while considering how they will look with sneakers underneath and of the Puma Roma 68 x Tomas Maier, he has this to say, “They go with everything.”

Special Editions

Easter Pack - While joining in the festivities in 2016, Puma released an Easter pack. The pack included three of the brand’s shoe models such as the Roma, GV Special, and the Suede. Each sneaker had a different motif with an iridescent look for the GV Special and geometrical-shaped patterns for the Suede.

For the Puma Roma shoes, the kicks were dressed in beige and sported a paint splatter design. Clean white laces, soles, and toe caps complete the cheerful look.

Day of the Dead (El Dia de Los Muertos) - For 2017’s Day of the Dead celebration, Puma came out with a pack commemorating the Mexican holiday on October 19. This pack included the Basket and the Roma.

Both shoes had uppers covered in black jacquard which featured vibrant prints of skull graphics and flowers. Black suede detailing, laces, toe caps, and outsoles completed the look for the Roma.


Q: What type of shoes are the Puma Roma?

A: The Puma Roma are legendary shoes from the vast archives of Puma. These running shoes turned lifestyle kicks which used to collect medals now collect stares from fellow sneaker fans who love the street-style look.

Q: Do Puma shoes run small? How do they fit?

A: The fit greatly depends on the model. Some models run large, some small, and others just right. The Puma Roma for example usually runs narrow. It’s because of the silhouette’s slim profile which is much inspired by its running roots. Some recent renditions of the Roma, however, are slightly bulkier than the original silhouette.

Q: Where to buy the Puma Roma?

A: We’ve partnered with retailers all over the U.S. and some in Europe to bring you the shoes you love. Just look for the specific sneaker model you want in the search bar up top. The offers for that shoe should come up on the same page as our collated reviews.

Q: I have not bought sneakers from Puma before. How do I know my equivalent shoe size?

A: Try to measure your feet in centimeters. Most brand charts have a centimeter section. Don’t use the same sizing you usually have with other brands e.g., 7 or 7.5 They might not fit the same.

Reading up on reviews for the shoes you want might help you decide on the size. That’s where we come in. We collect user reviews and give our readers the average user rating for a silhouette via articles which include the following attributes: comfort, material, cushioning, fit, and color among many others.

Q: How much do Puma shoes cost?

A: Puma sneakers generally run from budget-friendly to average-priced, something from $40 to $120. It’s quite unusual for the price of Puma sneakers to go higher unless of course, the shoes are limited editions.

Q: How do you clean Puma Roma shoes?

A: Puma sneakers are generally low-maintenance and don’t require much care. Just keeping them clean will prolong their life. The type of cleaning you do depends on the fabric.

  • Leather - Soak towel or cloth in a soap and water mixture. Wring and then wipe the damp towel onto the shoe to remove dirt. Wipe off any soap residue with a dry
  • Canvas/denim/nylon/mesh - Do the steps for cleaning leather shoes except you can gently rub the canvas/nylon/denim fabrics to remove grime. Rinse off and air dry.
  • Suede/nubuck - Gently brush the shoes with a special nubuck/suede brush to remove the grime and dirt trapped within the nap.
  • Knit - Lather some soap and squeeze the mixture onto the knit fabric. Blot out each area of your sneakers with paper towels until all dirt has lifted. Dab the areas with a damp towel to remove the soap residue. Air dry.

Q: How do you get stubborn dirt out of suede Puma Roma shoes?

A: If brushing the shoes don’t remove all the dirt or stain, use a special suede cleaner. These usually come in spray cans. Spray some on your shoes and use a cloth to work them entirely onto the uppers of your sneakers. Gently brush the fabric again afterward.

You may also use suede protectors to keep water stains away from your sneakers. These will not only keep your suede sneakers clean but also prolong their life.

Q: Can I wash Pumas in the washing machine? It seems quicker.

A: No. Absolutely not, please. Not even canvas sneakers. Putting your shoes in a washing machine may deform the shape of your sneakers and ruin the fabric.

Q: How long do Puma shoes last?

A: Puma sneakers are built tough and require low maintenance work. Just keep them clean, store carefully in a place away from sunlight, and they should last you a good long while. It also helps if you pack the shoes with crumpled paper to let them keep their shape.

Q: How do I wear Puma Roma sneakers?

A: With confidence. We do mean it, but just the same, we have some style tips for you below. Just a quick reminder. Leather, suede, and nubuck can be worn for more formal settings while denim, canvas, and nylon are strictly casual.

Casual - For days on the beach, the fair, or anywhere else where you need to keep it comfy casual:

  • Men - Khaki pants, a white shirt, and white on white Puma Roma shoes will do the trick.
  • Women - Do it like Rihanna. Denim capris, a hoodie, your favorite cap, and rocking vibrantly-hued Puma kicks will be perfect.

Smart Casual - For those date nights when you want to make a nice impression but not look too made up.

  • Men - A grey turtleneck, dark blue jeans, and any nylon/nubuck/or suede Puma Roma sneakers should make a good impact. You can trade the jeans for khakis.
  • Women - A pencil skirt, a pretty long-sleeved cotton top, and neutral-colored kicks should make him/her take a second, a third, even a fourth look. You get the drift.

Slightly Formal - For everyday office wear to tech startups, casual Fridays at work, or when you just want to look posh.

  • Men - Wear your sport-inspired Puma Roma sneakers with a suit. Charcoal suits with a white shirt (a printed one is better but nothing too bold) and white Puma Roma shoes would draw admiring stares.
  • Women - A structured top, a pencil skirt, and some sleek sneakers will look fantastically modish.