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Puma high top sneakers

Best Puma High Top Sneakers - September 2019

Puma has been enjoying numerous successes over the years celebrated by many sports and entertainment personalities. The Jumping Cat brand has released multiple models in lows, mids, and highs in a myriad of colors and technologies to fit the diverse market.

Why choose Puma high top sneakers?


Puma high tops are available in diverse styles and combinations which could work as one's fashion statement. This ankle hugging footwear can work as a fresh addition to any outfit, a subtle shift to the usual and versatile low-top sneakers.

Ankle Protection

In the beginning, high top shoes were designed to rule the basketball court to provide its wearers ample ankle support. But now, Puma included high tops in their lifestyle spread to reintroduce their classic hard court silhouettes to the modern audience while providing sufficient support on your beloved ankles. 


Practicality wise, these kicks were constructed with utmost durability without hurting your pocket. Thus, owning a pair of Puma highs will surely last out especially when it is well taken cared of.


You can also use Puma high top sneakers during transitional days. When you need more coverage than usual for the fall season or when you need total protection from cold and slush during the winter, wearing high top sneakers from Puma will surely shield you. 

Best rated Puma high tops

For better and enjoyable user experience, our team did the unnerving task more comfortable for you by rounding up some of the most remarkable high tops from one of the leading makers of fashionable sneakers, Puma. 

Puma Sky II 

The Puma Sky II was introduced in 1986 as basketball footwear. Several NBA teams quickly took notice of this pair and eagerly adopted it as their official footwear. This high-top sneaker is secured with the traditional lacing system added reinforced with the Velcro strap. To boost the overall durability, the brand used an injected rubber outsole to withstand the wear and tear on the hard court. 

Puma re-launched the Puma Sky II High in 1992 displaying a higher collar height than its ancestor with two Velcro straps for added secured fit for the quick movements on the basketball court. Soon after, Puma introduced a collection of these retro pieces to pay homage to the classic silhouette. We have listed below some of the best rated Puma Sky II Hi.

Most notable Puma Sky II High top sneakers:

Puma Sky II Hi Nubuck 

The retro Sky II Hi Nubuck silhouette of these Puma Sky high top sneakers for men and women was enhanced by the nubuck leather upper, giving the modern fans an authentic feel of the classic pair. 

Puma Sky II Hi Patent Emboss

These high-top Puma sneakers are considered one of the boldest re-modeling of the classic Sky II bball kick. This crowd-pleaser displays a shiny and brightly colored upper that even reflects during the low lights.

Puma Sky II Hi FG Foil

What made these men's Puma high tops noteworthy is the flashy foil details found on the Formstrip and heel. This element modernizes the classic pair that suit the contemporary market.

Puma Sky II Hi Core

The premium leather upper with durable rubber outsole of the Sky II Hi Core make these pair worth mentioning as one of the striking pieces of the Puma Sky II Hi collection. 

Puma Sky II Hi FG

This full grain leather version of the Puma Sky II Hi emits a premium impression combined with the vintage vibe of the silhouette. To further add impressive details, Puma presents this in several colorways for buyers to select.

Puma Sky II Hi Weatherproof

Puma equipped their Puma Sky II Hi with weatherproof elements to keep its wearers stylish even on the most unpleasant weather conditions. These high top Puma shoes are made of canvas and leather added cushioned lining to keep your feet cozy and dry.

Puma Sky II Hi Duck Boots

The duck boot aspects of the Puma Sky Hi II give a refreshing look at these basketball-inspired sneakers. These Puma high tops for men has an all-weather function to fit out its users to whatever weather condition they need to confront head-on. 

Puma Sky II Hi Colorblocked Leather

The full leather upper in monochromatic hue gives these Puma high top shoes remarkable imprint to many onlookers. This detail in a classic profile enhanced the retro vibe giving the "very 80s" feel. 

Puma Sky II Hi Winterised Sneakerboots

Keeping its followers fashionable even during the unfriendly winter season, Puma inserted foam padding and cushy footbed and tongue to provide comfort and warm insulation to its wearers. 

Puma x Fenty Chelsea Sneaker Boot

Launched as part of the University Collection of Puma x Rihanna collaboration, the Chelsea Sneaker Boot will inevitably pop your usual casual attire. It is considered the bolder update to the favorite Creeper platform kick with a boot upper, giving rise to unique Puma high tops Creepers that will make you feel confident and look stylish even during the cold and wet days. 

Key Info:

  • These Puma x Fenty high tops have a waterproof leather upper with thick rubber outsole.
  • Considered pricey, this model costs $220.
  • The Puma high tops by Rihanna are available in men's and women's. 

Puma Clyde Sock NYC

Molded from the iconic Puma Clyde silhouette, this model displays a real neck-breaking design that will boost up one's everyday attire. The dope fixed sock-like EvoKNIT with retro tonal stripes gives a hint of glory days of basketball kicks and tube socks, that will surely appease all vintage getup lovers.  

Key Info:

  • These Puma leather high tops are offered at $120.
  • Two of the four colorways available were launched to pay homage to New York City, home team of Clyde Frazier.
  • This shoe is available exclusively in men's sizing from 8 to 14 US in regular width.

Puma Ren Boot

Introduced just in time for the winter season, the Puma Ren Boot displays the look of Puma Suede or Basket added with the platform tooling of Creepers with an outdoor-inspired lacing system. This model is made of mesh and leather upper with rubber lugged sole to provide reliable traction, especially on wet surfaces. 

Key Info:

  • The internal textile lining dodges water or snow from penetrating inside the shoe.
  • This pair is reasonably priced at $130.
  • Both sizes for men and women are offered in the market. 
  • One version of the Puma Ren Boot was revamped with premium nubuck upper called the Puma Ren Boot NBK.

Puma Suede Classic Sock

The Jumping Cat brand updated one of its Hall of Famers Puma Suede by adding it with a sock extension. The Puma Suede Classic Sock high tops feature the vintage suede details combined with the knit sock with ribbed collar.

Key Info

  • Considered a steal, Puma presents this kick at $90.
  • The upper is made of 100% suede resting atop a ribbed midsole for added durability.
  • This men's Puma high-top shoes are available from sizes 4 to 15 US US in regular width.

Puma Mostro Sirsa Elemental 

Adding another knitted shoe to their arsenal, Puma unveiled the ankle high Mostro Sirsa Elemental. This kick is the spot-on choice for everyday use for its comfort and style that will surely complement any wardrobe. 

Key Info:

  • This pair has the zig-zag hook and loop strap closure, the signature element of the Puma Mostro line.
  • This model has a reasonable price of $110.
  • The Sirsa Elemental of Puma Mostro is exclusively offered in men's sizing.

Puma BOG Limitless Hi EvoKNIT

The minimalist sock-like upper of this high-top footwear grabs the attention of many onlookers. This kick echoes comfort and style for its innovative EvoKNIT upper that wraps the feet of its wearers comfortably. 

Key Info:

  • To further heighten this pair's overall comfort, Puma added Ignite foam cushioning that delivers high energy return to its users.
  • This model is exclusively available in men's sizing.
  • Puma offers this at an average price range of $140.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy Puma classic high tops?

Puma classic high tops are very popular, that is why Puma made sure these sneakers are broadly available in their official physical stores and online websites. Several retailers and resellers also sell these cool high tops from Puma. 

Can I wear Puma high top shoes for playing basketball?

Although the Puma high tops are patterned from the classic hard court shoes, the modernized versions of these do not fit to be used on the demanding needs of basketball. Puma reworked these classic basketball kicks specifically to win the lifestyle scene.

How to wear high top Puma shoes?

  • For a casual look, pair it with your wide legged pants to slightly conceal the high-top kick. You may finish up your ensemble with a plain t-shirt and a fedora hat for a tad sartorial look.
  • If you want to show off your high tops fully, you may pair it up with rolled-up trousers or skinnies tucked inside your shoe. 
  • For a smart casual getup, slim jeans, button-down shirt, and a textured jacket will undoubtedly go well and avoids looking overdressed.
  • Who would have thought that you can pull off high tops in the formal events? You may match this kick up with smart trousers, a shirt, and a blazer, but it must be in monochromatic hue to make it look casually formal. 

Do high tops sneakers prevent ankle injuries?

While high top sneakers support the ankle, it does not totally prevent you from having ankle injuries. The best way to prevent you from having an injury on your ankle is to make the muscles on that area stronger. That muscle is called Evetors. 

Few studies found out that wearing low-top shoes are better to help strengthen the ankles as it provides a better range of motion. In addition, many experts mentioned that wearing high tops is actually working against the intended purpose of protecting the ankles, as high tops delays the activation of Evetors, making it less effective. 

Will high top shoes from Puma make you look shorter?

Unlike the high heels, high-top sneakers typically have the opposite effect on their wearers. High top shoes from Puma give an optical illusion of making its wearers' leg appear shorter. 

Are there other brands that sell high top sneakers?

Aside from Puma, numerous other brands sell high top kicks. Some of these brands are Adidas, Nike, Converse, Jordan, Timberland, Vans, Supra, UGG, Reebok, Ecco, PRO-Keds, and many more.

You may browse through our pages to check the best rated high top sneakers currently available in the market. Just tick the "high-top" box found on the left side panel under the "Top" filter. 

How to keep my Puma high top sneakers clean?

Just like any other footwear, keeping the sneakers clean will make it last longer and will give you a better overall guise. Here are a few simple recommendations on how to clean your high-top sneakers according to the upper material:

  • Leather - You may use shoe leather wipes in removing dirt from the leather upper as it has a special ingredient that will not change the color and texture of the leather.
  • Suede - To lift dirt from the delicate suede upper, you may use a suede cleaning brush. This soft material is foolproof in removing stains on suedes.
  • Canvas - Using a soft bristled brush or worn out toothbrush, brush the upper with a gentle cleaning solution made of mild detergent and warm water. 
  • Knit - Instead of a brush, use a microfiber cloth with a gentle cleaning solution in wiping the dirt off from the surface of the knit upper. 

What are the differences between low-top, mid-top, and high-top?

Low Top - The ankle height is below the collar to provide a maximized range of motion to its users. Lows are considered the most versatile cut among the three. 

Mid Top - A little bit higher than the lows, the mid top is extended towards the ankle. This kind of profile provides more support and hold.

High Top - The collar height of the high tops goes beyond the ankle. These kicks provide the finest amount of support and hold and mostly stirred from basketball silhouettes.