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Natural speed and agility are what the Puma EvoSpeed Soccer Cleats bring to the pitch. Engineered with a lightweight design, this series is ready to rule the playing field with showmanship and flair. These soccer cleats boast of having the most ridiculously lightweight cleats that do not necessarily come up short on performance. Their cleat aesthetics are pretty neat as well.

Sported by the soccer world’s biggest names, including Sergio Aguero, Antoine Griezmann, and Michael Bradley, the Puma EvoSpeed soccer cleats remain to be a very trendy choice for any professional.

Puma EvoSpeed soccer cleats

puma evospeed soccer cleats
Best Puma EvoSpeed soccer cleats - November 2019

Over half a decade since its release, the Puma EvoSpeed soccer cleat collection has significantly evolved. The line has come up with more than a handful of options to fit the different tastes and preferences of their current market. Players can now choose from 8 different models of the Puma EvoSpeed soccer cleats.

EvoSpeed 1

The standard Puma EvoSpeed soccer cleat highlights a design that maximizes performance. It is a speed cleat that offers lightweight flexibility without compromising stability and comfort. Belonging to Puma’s premium cluster, this cleat features a sleek look with its 3D-printed microfibre upper and bright outsole. It also utilizes top-of-the-line technologies, including the Everfit Cage and Duoflex technology.

EvoSpeed Leather

This variation of the Puma EvoSpeed soccer cleat is perhaps one of the most effective lightweight soccer cleats on the market. It offers an ultra-light feel while also ensuring superior comfort and touch on the ball. Created for players who fancy a technology-rich configuration, the EvoSpeed Leather maintains a comfortable experience for its wearer.

EvoSpeed SL

The SL model is known for being super light, with its latest release weighing just 103 grams, making it Puma’s lightest cleat ever. It utilizes some of Puma’s best technologies. The current versions in this line feature a transparent textile upper and the Speedtrack sole plate. These features work to dramatically decrease the cleat’s weight. The Puma Evospeed soccer cleat also employs Speedframe stiffeners to its outsole, increasing acceleration and offering added stability.

EvoSpeed SL-S

Puma elevated their speed cleat construction to a whole new level with their release of the EvoSpeed SL-S. This Puma EvoSpeed soccer cleat features a single-layer microfibre upper, redesigned to improve stability and enhance feedback when touching and striking the ball. This new design also works to significantly reduce excess weight.  

EvoSpeed 3

Created for players who want performance but with a less pricey soccer shoe, the EvoSpeed 3 is one able and cost-effective alternative. In comparison to the standard EvoSpeed, this version is set with a different upper and outsole and has slightly lesser quality. However, this Puma EvoSpeed soccer cleat still offers excellent performance on the pitch.

EvoSpeed 4

This adaptation of the Puma EvoSpeed soccer cleat is meant to cater to the younger generation of soccer players. It gives the junior superstars the chance to sport soccer cleats that resemble those of their soccer heroes. Created for pure speed, cleats from this category consists of a lightweight synthetic construction that offers comfort and cushioning. Moreover, they showcase a look that matches their elite counterparts. However, the high-end technologies are replaced with alternative materials.

EvoSpeed 5

Of all the editions, the EvoSpeed 5 is the most affordable category. Soccer Cleats from this cluster feature a different upper and outsole than the EvoSpeed 1 and 3. Same as all soccer cleats from this silo, this Puma Evospeed soccer cleat is fashioned for speed. When it comes to features, this set closely follows the footsteps of the EvoSpeed 3.

EvoSpeed Fresh

The EvoSpeed Fresh is among the latest editions coming from the silo. As its name implies, this line makes sure that the feet stay fresh and cool throughout the game. This Puma EvoSpeed soccer cleat boasts of a thin and light design that prevents the cleat from getting too warm, especially under hot weather conditions. It is also insanely lightweight and delivers premium ball touch.

Anatomy of the Puma EvoSpeed soccer cleat

The Puma EvoSpeed is a silo worth knowing. Getting acquainted with its parts and the technologies involved will show just how impressive these cleats are. Here is a lowdown on what makes up the typical Puma EvoSpeed soccer cleat:


For its sole unit, the Puma EvoSpeed soccer cleats wear a lightweight one-piece outsole that offers great flexibility. Generally, the outsole is engineered to provide stability and traction without eliminating the natural feel from the first wear. Most EvoSpeed cleats use a TPU outsole equipped with Puma technologies like the DuoFlex, that enhances flexibility.


Puma has provided players the option of selecting between two types of upper - leather or synthetic. The leather option consists of supple kangaroo leather while the synthetic, and more lightweight version, sports a monolayer microfiber upper. The upper of the Puma EvoSpeed soccer cleat from this silo is usually very soft and molds to the contour of the foot. Also, it follows a rounded cleat design in the forefoot.


Cushioned EVA foam comprises the midsole of the typical Puma EvoSpeed soccer cleat. This foam material offers a high level of cushioning that protects the feet. It also works to significantly improve the fit of the cleat. Conditions like back pain and knee pain can be improved with this insole since fatigue is well minimized.

Notable technologies of Puma EvoSpeed soccer cleats

Since its release, the EvoSpeed line remains to hold astounding relevance in the soccer market. Originally taking inspiration from the Usain Bolt sprint plate, this Puma collection has come a long way in its innovative attempts to advance and adapt. Here are among the technologies featured by the EvoSpeed soccer cleats:


  • EverFit Cage. This technology was first introduced in the Puma EvoSpeed soccer cleats. The cage lines the inner side of the midfoot in strategically, providing flexibility and stability for agile moves on the pitch. It also works to strengthen the upper while ensuring durability and breathability,  as well as a lightweight experience.
  • GripTex Print. This print runs across the full length of the upper of the Puma Evospeed soccer cleats. It provides an increased level of grip on the ball that results in better ball control and manipulation. It also ensures consistency of ball touch in both wet and dry conditions.


  • EVA Insole. This midsole detail consists of a soft and flexible foam material that provides the needed cushioning for the feet. The material is quite pliable and molds to the foot, improving overall fit.  It also offers added protection from hard or sharp objects.


  • Pebax outsole. This type of sole unit offers optimum responsiveness while maintaining superior ball control. The Pebax elastomer also offers a lightweight, dynamic fit, and sturdiness. Moreover, it allows the feet to stay close to the ground and delivers excellent grip.
  • DuoFlex. This features basically refers to the double crease on the outsole. As its name implies, the DuoFlex allows for enhanced flexibility and bend to the toe box and forefoot. It also allows for different angles of movement as you turn.
  • Speedtrack. The Speedtrack frame is an innovation employed in the outsole of the Puma Evospeed soccer cleats. It functions to provide torsional stability, keeping the foot firmly connected to the surface during accelerating movements. It also improves strikes by increasing shot velocity.

Frequently-asked questions

Of all the EvoSpeed editions, which one offers the most lightweight cleats?

Among all the cleats, the EvoSpeed SL is the lightest one ever to be sold as a standard cleat and not as a limited edition. The cleat weighs at an ultralight weight of 99 grams. The design allows the cleat to deliver impressive speed, traction, and comfort. The soccer cleat is also available in a leather version, adding the advantage of a soft touch to this lightweight cleat.

What kind of cushioning can I expect from EvoSpeed soccer cleats?

Boots from the EvoSpeed silo are designed with an EVA midsole that offers cushioning and protection. This foam material is soft and quite flexible. It provides excellent and durable shock-absorbing qualities, ensuring that pressure on the foot is well minimized.

What kind of fit can I expect from the Puma EvoSpeed soccer cleats collection?

The EvoSpeed collection has a tight-fitting nature and it does not really change too much during wear. The Puma EvoSpeed soccer cleats fit true to size in length. These soccer shoes also have the padded lining around the ankles, which are very useful during cuts and turns. The padded lining offers a soft feel during movements where the cleats rub up on the ankle joints.

What are the benefits of Griptex Print on the EvoSpeed soccer cleats?

The upper part of a soccer cleat is a very significant factor in controlling the ball. The Griptex print on the EvoSpeed runs across the entire upper part of the cleat. This print provides an increased level of grip, resulting in better manipulation and control on the ball. Another advantage that comes along with the Griptex is the consistency of ball touch regardless of the weather condition.

Is Pebax safe to use on soccer cleats?

Pebax used on soccer cleats like of the Puma EvoSpeed collections is definitely safe. Its Pebax grades comply with USP class VI and the FDA/ECC regulations. As a matter of fact, Pebax is also used in the medical field.

What were some of the soccer shoes released by Puma before the EvoSpeed soccer cleats?

1948 was the year Puma was founded. It was also the year when they released their first soccer cleat - The Atom. Four years after, the Super Atom was launched. It was the first soccer cleat with screw-in studs. It was also the brand’s first major contribution to the soccer world.

The 1960s saw the rising popularity of Puma. The brand became known for advanced production technique of vulcanization, which led to better-performing shoes. Moreover, soccer stars like Pele and Eusebio brought Puma soccer cleats to the spotlight.

In 1967, the world-famous jumping cat logo emerged. A few tweaks were made a few years later, resulting in the brand’s current logo that is a true mark of quality and excellent attention to detail.

The coming decades brought much fame to Puma, with more and more athletes wearing and showcasing their products during their games. During the 2000s, Puma shifted its focus on expanding its line of soccer-related products. Fast forward to 2014; Puma launched the EvoPower and EvoSpeed silos