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Puma Clyde basketball shoes

The Swoosh's LeBron James and the Three Stripes' James Harden are among the most recognizable names in the basketball sneaker game today. However, it was not Adidas nor Nike that started the trend of giving athletes signature kicks; it was Puma, and the very first NBA athlete to have shoes named after him was Walt "Clyde" Frazier.

A style icon in his own right, Frazier was not easy to please. The first-ever Puma Clyde basketball shoes had to undergo several transformations before finally getting the man's approval.

Fast forward to 2018, the Clydes are revived to usher the comeback of the Puma name in the basketball shoe market. Of course, the old silhouette is infused with modern technology, resulting in a shoe that makes quite a name for itself: the Puma Clyde Court Disrupt.

As Puma Basketball is launched, Frazier also signed a lifetime deal with the brand. With this, we can expect that more Puma Clyde basketball shoes will be released in the coming years. 

Puma Clyde shoes: Do they perform?

Until 2018, Puma had been an unheard of in performance basketball, though the brand has always made Clyde sneakers and other basketball-inspired lifestyle shoes available. It's no surprise that their comeback line pays homage to their good old days; but are they really worth the hype? Only reviews from real players can tell; so here at RunRepeat, we scour the web for reviews on Puma Clydes and other basketball shoes. We then come up with a concise performance profile for each shoe so that well-informed shopping becomes easier and faster for you.