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Pink basketball shoes

Pink basketball shoes are rare and men barely think of wearing them on a regular basis. However, celebrities and athletes reach for them when they attend special events or when they want to make an important statement. LeBron James for example released a pink version of the LeBron 15 to reference Hollywood's Walk of Fame. 

Nike athlete Kevin Durant usually has pink versions of his signature kicks to pay tribute to his late Aunt Pearl who died of cancer in the early 2000s. Though pink is originally associated only with breast cancer, the color's reach has expanded and it is now used to spread awareness regarding other types of cancer.

Stephen Curry honored his mother by releasing a pink version of one of his signature shoes from Under Armour. Dubbed the Mothers' Day colorway, it is his way also of honoring his wife and all the men and women who act as mothers to a child. 

Pink basketball shoes: What the color stands for

Pink–a delicate and graceful color–is often associated with little girls and women in general. But this is actually a recent fashion development. In the 19th century, pink was considered a masculine color. In fact, young lads wore pink ribbons and other decorations, while the older ones wore red uniforms. Color experts assert that pink has historically been linked to the color red, which is aggressive, passionate, and active. Being red’s lighter shade, pink was therefore deemed to be more suitable for boys.

Pink became a fad for women in the United States and Europe in the 1890s when manufacturers tried to sell more clothes through color-coding. Soon they started to associate pink for girls and blue for boys.

Nowadays, when a man wears pink basketball shoes, it means he is trying to make a statement. As what we have seen, even basketball stars use their pink footwear to mark events and honor special people in their lives.