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Orange basketball shoes

Generally, the color orange has come to symbolize youth, creativity, and enthusiasm. With this, Kyrie Irving and Nike release an Inferno colorway that represents the players skill and enthusiasm on the court. 

Orange, because of its association with fire and sunshine, is sometimes used to represent the summer season and places where the sun seems to shine the brightest. It is perhaps because of this that Adidas and James Harden made the Vegas colorway of the Harden Vol. 3 predominantly orange.

Discounted orange basketball shoes

Orange basketball shoes come at discounted rates during special days such as retailer anniversaries. During this time, retailers give out discount coupons that will surely lead to big savings. Because of this, it's best that you can take advantage of this situation. 

Orange shoes, or basketball shoes of any other color, are also sold for less when they become 'obsolete.' This happens when a new model is released. You can shop at this time, especially if you don't mind buying shoes that are a little 'outdated.'