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Nike SuperRep training shoes

Although Nike's most famous for its sneakers and running shoes, the brand also excels in the training world. Coming in after their world-renowned Metcon range is the SuperRep collection. 

If you prefer a good heart-pumping and fat-melting workout full of jumps and dynamic moves, then you might find an ideal pair in the SuperRep series.

What are SuperRep trainers?

The Swoosh brand had a specific idea in mind when they conjured up the SuperRep shoe collection. Models from this range are all explicitly engineered for circuit training, fast-paced workouts, and HIIT.

Nike offers both women and men specific sizes for these SuperRep trainers. These fitness shoes are created to meet basic training shoe needs such as exceptional cushioning, impact protection, flexibility, and support. 

Aesthetic-wise, its arch midsole design became the cornerstone for SuperRep shoes. They are loved (and sometimes hated) for this unique feature. 

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