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buy nike sprints track & field shoes for men and women

The famous multinational company, Nike, has always held its roots in the sport of track and field. It was founded by a track and field coach and his student, a distance runner, back in 1964. It’s no wonder that the brand also produces track spikes. These track shoes are very diversified as the track and field sport itself is very diverse, too, subdivided into three main events. 

One anticipated event from the sport is the running competition and is in itself very varied. It includes sprints or short-distance race, middle-distance race, long-distance race, hurdles, and relays. What we are going to tackle and delve into with this article is focused especially on the sprinting shoe offered by Nike. This is mainly for aiding elite-level athletes, beginners, or first-time purchasers. In knowing the anatomy of a Nike sprint spike, choosing the pair that suits them best would be easy. 

Notable sprint spike series from Nike

best nike sprint track and field shoes
Best Nike sprint track and field shoes - November 2019

Living up to its reputation as the top brand in the athletic footwear manufacturing industry, Nike has released a couple of sprinting spikes that are high quality and reliable. Here are some of the brand’s notable sprinting shoe lineups:

Nike Zoom Superfly Elite

The Nike Zoom Superfly Elite is built for sprinters to deliver fast and lightweight performance. This lineup from Nike is also composed of sprint spikes that are comfortable because of Nike’s innovative Flymesh material. It is modeled after a seatbelt webbing that gives a supportive hold to the athlete in order to maintain stability. Unveiled in Rio, this sprinting shoe from Nike will surely deliver an Olympic-like moment for athletes with its unparalleled flex and response. 

Nike Zoom JA Fly

Promising to deliver a streamlined fit and excellent support, the Nike Zoom JA Fly can surely deliver a powered performance on the track. This series from Nike offers superb traction that athletes do not really have to worry about any slippage and focus on their competition. Speedy, lightweight, cushioned, and flexible, the Nike Zoom JA Fly is designed to withstand impact during sprint events. 

Nike Zoom 400

A representation of a perfect balance between lightness and energetic speed, the Nike Zoom 400 is configured to be the best companion for your sprinting events. This lineup from Nike features one of the brand’s most innovative technologies, like Flyweave technology. It promises to deliver a supportive ride as it employs materials that yield and power support for stability. Lastly, this Nike Zoom 400 is a set of barely-there sprint spikes as it features anatomical fit. 

Nike Zoom Rival S

Putting a focus on speed, the Nike Zoom Rival S boasts features that are innovative and top of the line. It is a series that eliminates the need for extra layers by integrating a bootie construction for a swift and effortless ride during sprinting events. These sprint spikes from Nike are those that help supplement responsiveness and locked-down fit for a worry-free running experience and for an explosive ride. 

User’s guide on choosing the best Nike sprint spike

There are things that you have to consider when getting a pair of Nike sprint spikes. Being an established and world-renowned sportswear company, the brand wants to make sure that the qualities possessed by its sprinting shoes are those that set them apart from others. Here are some of those discerning features.

  • Fit. A tight-fitting sprinting shoe is a must when training and competing in sprints or other distance events. Such an idea is integrated into every Nike sprinting shoe that you don’t really have to worry much about premature shoe removal or slippage. Nike integrates a form-fitting design into every track and field sprinting shoe that they release so that athletes can focus on their competition. One thing that you have to note, though, is that these Nike sprint spikes are not too tight that they obstruct blood flow. 
  • Traction. Robust performance is powered by a reliable and excellent traction-producing shoe. That is what a Nike sprinting spike embodies. Speed is of utmost importance in order to yield optimal performance during sprints. That is why the componentry of a Nike sprint spike involves pieces and materials, that not only enable, but also heighten traction. 
  • Durability. Harsh conditions are not surprising if you are into the sport of track and field. That is why the most reliable track and field sprinting shoes are those that are able to withstand such conditions and hazardous elements. In short, these track spikes are durable—a quality that can be expected from a Nike sprinting spike. The overall configuration of this sprinting shoe from Nike integrates materials that are built to last. With such sturdy materials, you can repeatedly wear your Nike sprinting spike and not have to worry about them breaking or degrading quite easily. 
  • Support. Nike sprinting shoes for both men and women feature supportive materials that help maintain the athlete’s stability. Known to many, a stable ride is crucial in sprinting as it helps prevent the occurrence of injuries. It is also an integral factor in maximizing the athlete’s performance as it helps maintain the center of gravity over the base of support. And lastly, it aids in maintaining control over the lower extremity limb motion while running.
  • Rigidity. It is a fundamental element in making sure that there is an efficient energy transfer with each stride of the runner. Stiffness is an element that is also very common in a Nike sprint spike. The same feature is essential in the forward movement and propulsion of the runner, which are also factors in a top-notch performance, may it be in competition or in training. 

Components of a Nike sprint spike

Pebax® plate

  • An element that is very common not only to Nike sprinting shoes but other brands, as well, is the Pebax® plate. It is responsible for employing a Nike sprint spike’s rigidity. Rigidity, as mentioned prior, is an important factor in the sport of sprinting as it is responsible for the efficient energy transfer with each of the athlete’s stride. What’s also good about this material is that it utilizes minimal weight. Another fun fact is that the lightness of a sprint spike is also an enabler of speed as it doesn’t necessarily hold down the athlete. One example of a Nike sprinting shoe that incorporates the Pebax® spike plate is the Nike Zoom Matumbo 3.


  • A midsole component that has been used by Nike for a number of years, Phylon is responsible for the rebound properties of the Nike sprinting shoes. It is composed of compressed EVA foam pellets which are expanded with heat then cooled into a mold. Again, this midsole component is very light and contributes to the overall lightweight configuration of a Nike sprint spike. 


  • Since Nike sprinting shoes are intended for maximum support, the brand has recently developed an innovative upper component- Flyweave technology. This technology is responsible for providing targeted support for every specific movement. Moreover, the Flyweave gives a dynamic fit to the foot, as well as lasting durability. It is presumably one of the most innovative technologies from Nike to date. 


  • Built for comfort, the Flymesh is yet another notable upper technology from Nike. It is engineered to be very thin and lightweight that it feels like a second layer of skin wrapping around the foot. Not to mention, the Flymesh, compared to other standard mesh materials, is more breathable. It is designed to have more perforations to allow more natural air into the foot chamber. Besides the breathability and lightness of the Flymesh, it is also recognized for being durable.

Dynamic Fit technology

  • One of the many notable innovations from Nike, Dynamic Fit technology, is also one that’s built for comfort. The technology is integrated into a number of Nike sprint spikes in order to eliminate the space between the foot, offering unrivaled comfort. 

Frequently asked questions

Are all Nike sprint spikes expensive? 

Not all sprint spikes from Nike are expensive. In fact, there are shoes that belong to the category of cheap track and field spikes. These shoes usually retail for less than $100. Although coming from a lower price point, these cheap Nike sprinting spikes do not sacrifice quality. These spikes still embody the innovativeness and reliability of the brand. With their configuration, these Nike sprint spikes are the perfect match for both training and competition. 

What is the difference between Nike sprint spikes and Nike long-distance running spikes? 

The Nike sprint spike is built for 100-meter to 400-meter events. A Nike sprinting shoe does not usually feature a heel and is made to be very lightweight. Moreover, this sprint spike normally features a stiff spike plate for optimal traction and efficient energy transfer. On the other hand, a Nike long-distance running spike is built for 3,000-meter to 10,000-meter events. It employs fewer pins compared to a sprint spike. It also has a smaller spike plate but a full-length cushioning for shock absorption and support.