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Nike Revolution: Lightweight comfort

Veering away from the big, bulky maximalist designs, Nike is offering a collection of minimalist shoes that have a very light, soft build. Much like the Downshifter series, the Nike Revolution is made up of affordable models. 

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Buying Nike Revolution shoes

With the given qualities of the Nike Revolution lineup, they are an excellent match for your daily runs. And because they offer a cushy, featherlight ride, they are also good long-distance shoes

Free from any stability features, this lineup is composed of neutral models. If you're looking for shoes that are workout-friendly, these are the ones for you! Some of them are suitable for jogging, and some for treadmills. 

If you want varied colorway choices, we've got them for you. There are several Nike Revolution shoes in the colors black, white, and blue, which are very popular among runners. 

How much do they cost? 

Because these shoes belong to the cheap shoe category, they sell for less than $100. Anything beyond that price point is considered expensive.