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  • Collection: Nike Precision
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Nike Precision basketball shoes

When we talk about Nike basketball shoes, the signature lines for LeBron James, Kevin Durant, and Kyrie Irving immediately come to mind. Because these shoes are made for the NBA's biggest stars, they are equipped with the Nike's most up-to-date shoe technologies. Needless to say, the prices of these sneakers are quite up there. Fortunately, expensive signature shoes are not all that Nike has to offer. They also have affordable and well-reviewed performance kicks such as the Nike Precision basketball shoes.

The shoes from the Nike Precision collection are made of materials that have been proven to be quite effective on the court. The midsole is made of ever reliable foam. The upper alternates between knit and mesh, and the outsole is made of good old rubber. 

Nike Precision shoes: Are they good?

If price is a reliable indicator of performance, then the Nike Precision basketball shoes are at a disadvantage. However, actual performance reviews may reveal that they are, after all, functionally reliable. Hence, it's a good thing to read reviews before making any decision to buy basketball shoes. RunRepeat helps you with this. We read a wide array of reviews from all over net, and then create an easy-to-read shoe profile based on what those reviews say. We do the hard work so you have it easy when shopping.