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Innovation, performance, authenticity, and sustainability— these are the core values embodied by Nike. These are the very reason that until now, Nike remains one of the leading brands in the market. For a fact, it has been tagged as the most innovative manufacturing firm among its competitors such as Adidas and Asics

Having a reputable image in the athletic footwear industry, it’s not a surprise that Nike also caters to the sport of track and field. There are three main events constituting the sport—running, throwing, and jumping. All of these disciplines are covered by Nike’s track spikes, offering durability, improved performance, and comfort. 

This article focuses on the pole vault competition and how Nike revolutionized pole vaulting spikes with its top-tier technologies. Find out how Nike pole vaulting platforms stand out from the rest of the competing brands. 

The makeup of a Nike pole vault spike

Best Nike pole vault track and field shoes - May 2020

Nike has always made it a point to offer sports footwear that exceeds buyers’ expectations. This is the same standard that it has set for its pole vaulting shoes. To achieve such a feat, the brand employed the following technologies and components, powering the athlete’s performance: 

Phylon midsole. It is a proprietary midsole innovation from Nike that’s made of TPU pellets. These are heated then cooled, offering resilient cushioning. It usually runs full-length for more forgiving track performance. Moreover, it is widely recognized for its ability to provide durability without compromising lightness. 

Sharkskin outsole. A material that’s common among other track jumping spikes, sharkskin can either run full-length or be strategically located at the heel. It is composed of textured carbon rubber and its primary function is to heighten the slip resistance of the pole vaulting spike. With this, more stable and propulsive performance is assured. 

K.T.S.O screen mesh. It literally means “Keep The Sand Out” mesh, essentially keeping dirt and debris from entering the foot chamber. While serving its function, it also boosts the breathability within the platform. These features make it a win-win situation for the wearer as comfort and a healthy foot environment are promoted. 

Midfoot strap and synthetic overlays. These are two upper components that are integral in maintaining support and lockdown. The midfoot strap is composed of a Velcro strap for convenient closure. It helps push the foot further into the midsole, preventing any kind of slippage from occurring. On the other hand, the synthetic overlays, just like the midfoot strap, keep the foot locked securely in place. Besides security, these also promote structural integrity. With their construction, these overlays are featherlight, barely employing any weight.

Nike pole vault shoes vs. other brands 

Nike pole vault spikes vs. Adidas pole vault spikes

Compared to Adidas pole vaulting shoes, Nike’s jumping shoes are generally more specialized. In short, Adidas track shoes have more versatility and can handle multiple events more than Nike’s. However, this does not mean that Nike limits the choices of the purchasers. The company still offers track jumping spikes that are multi-functional, allowing customers to spend less for more value. For instance, Nike offers the Long Jump 4 and the Zoom Triple Jump Elite, which are both intended for a multitude of track jumping tournaments. 

When it comes to durability, Adidas and Nike pole vault shoes remain the top choices among athletes. Both of these brands are distinguished for their long-lasting track platforms. Their pole vaulting spikes are loaded with high-grade technical elements that enable resistance from abrasion. 

Another quality shared by the two brands is the traction supplied by their pole vault spikes. The superior grip is essential to promote momentum build-up and stability. Combined together, these capabilities equip the jumper with both power and protection. 

Nike pole vault spikes vs. Asics pole vault spikes

As one of the factors that affect the buying decision of the customers, comfort has always been highly regarded by both Nike and Asics. This is very evident in the brands’ track and field pole vaulting spikes. The midsole of their platforms is graced with generous cushioning without having wasted weight. 

Another congruence between the two is the support they deliver. This function is technically integral in maintaining speed and stability. This also secures prevention from any injury and premature shoe removal. 

Although a portion of the market lauds the pole vault shoes from Asics, there are those that remain skeptical about their sturdiness. A lot of testers stand by their claim that Nike lasts longer than Asics. 

Nike pole vault spikes vs. Saucony pole vault spikes

Just like Adidas, the parallelism between Nike pole vaulting shoes and Saucony’s pole vault spikes remains their comfort. This is due to the fact that both brands equip their track spikes with ample cushioning. This is to promote in-shoe plushness, as well as resilience. 

Another resemblance between Nike and Saucony pole vault platforms is their support. Aside from enabling surefootedness, this attribute also amplifies protection and speed.  

The difference spotted by some between the two brands is the weight between their pole vaulting shoe models. It has been noted by many that Nike track spikes have more bulk than that of Saucony’s. Although the difference is almost immaterial, it still remains a purchasing consideration among many. 

Frequently asked questions

Can I use my Nike pole vault spike for other jumping meets? 

There are some Nike pole vault shoe models that are intended to cater to various jumping competitions. For instance, Nike Zoom Triple Jump Elite can accommodate triple jumping and pole vaulting matches. However, one also needs to be mindful of the product description as there are shoes that only target a specific jumping discipline. 

Do you need spike pins for pole vaulting shoes? 

Yes. Pole vaulting shoes employ spikes in order to have a firm plant on the ground before takeoff. These spike pins also power the traction for momentum build-up.