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Nike Phantom soccer cleats

Released in the middle of 2018, the Nike Phantom soccer cleat collection replaces the successful Magista silo. The Phantoms are made for those who are on the offensive side, making them worthy complements to the defense-focused Nike Magistas.

The collection relies on proprietary Nike technologies to deliver its attack-focused benefits. In the upper, Quadfit mesh is used. This material conforms to the player's foot, ensuring comfort and support for explosive runs and kicks.

The Phantoms also solve the perennial "lace problem." Even though they are important for fit adjustments, laces still cause problems because they tend to mess with ball touch and eventual control. Through a ghost lacing mechanism, the Phantoms cover the laces up. The result is truly satisfactory--the player gets to enjoy the benefits of laces without having to suffer from its drawbacks.

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