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Nike PG basketball shoes

Nike is arguably the king when it comes to sports apparel. However, even the king must bow down to the demands (or lack thereof) of the market. The sales of basketball shoes have been on a decline, so Nike needs something or someone to freshen up their image.

That is where Paul George comes into the picture. He is a breath of fresh air simply because he is less famous than fellow Nike athletes LeBron, Kobe, and even Kevin Durant. As a result, his Nike PG basketball shoes are cheaper than the usual signature shoes from the brand. These shoes, therefore, are easier to sell to market that's slowly but steadily losing interest.

Are Nike PG shoes right for you?

Nike and other brands are quick to say that their shoes are flexible enough to suit every player out there. You as a consumer do not really have to take the manufacturers' words as they are. It will be wise if you check reviews first before making any decision to buy. RunRepeat makes this process a lot easier by creating quick summaries of what several reviews are saying.