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Nike has always been a trusty athleisure footwear company among beginning and elite athletes alike. The brand produces some of the best running shoes in the market, flaunting durability, comfort, and security. This goes the same for their running shoes for overpronation. With the platform’s features, runners are equipped with the right functions that address the foot condition. 

What is overpronation

Best Nike Overpronation running shoes - June 2020

It is natural for the foot to collapse upon contact to the ground to help absorb the impact. However, with overpronation, the arch tends to collapse excessively. Because of the abnormal inward rolling of the foot, the condition can cause injuries to the athlete. Some of the impairments brought about by overpronation include shin splints, bunions, and plantar fasciitis. 

What to look for in a Nike overpronation shoe

Overpronation requires a pair of Nike’s stability running shoes. When getting a pair of the running shoes, here are some elements to observe: 

Supportive fit

Overpronation can affect the balance of the runner. To aid in delivering a superbly stable running performance, the platform features an innovative cushioning system. With such a component, the arch support within the foot chamber is pronounced. Given the good support provided by the Nike running shoe, the rest of the body is aligned, and even impact distribution is amplified. With such properties, the foot and the upper body of the user are protected from any injury. 

Firmer cushioning

As mentioned, overpronation causes the foot to roll inward excessively. To address this, the Nike overpronation running shoe presents a firmer cushioning than a regular running shoe. This rigid quality is especially incorporated into the inside arch section of the foot. However, this does not necessarily mean that the Nike running platform sacrifices comfort. It still strikes a good blend of rigidity and smoothness, allowing the racer to have lasting performance. 

Good traction

Surface adherence is an integral aspect of optimizing the stability of a runner suffering from overpronation. A superb grip highlights surefootedness on any type of terrain which is perfectly represented by the Nike overpronation running shoe. Some of the brand’s running platforms that exhibit the same attribute are the Air Zoom Winflo 6 and Air Zoom Structure 22

A few notable technologies incorporated in some of Nike’s overpronation shoes

Zoom Air. The bubble-like technology is a cushioning system unique to Nike. Held within the air cassette are the high-tensile fibers and pressurized air of the platform, supplying a reactive ride to the racer. The configuration of the Zoom Air technology effectively attenuates impact, shielding the foot from strain and injury. 

Cushlon. Almost similar to Nike’s Phylon foam, the Cushlon foam is engineered with greater rubber content. This essentially gives the overpronation shoes a softer yet more resilient cushioning. Given such qualities, the energy return in each stride is boosted. 

Waffle pattern. One of the fundamental technical features of the shoe that’s responsible for its traction, the waffle pattern is comprised of pentagon-shaped lugs. Aside from securing a slip-free ride, the outsole fashion also emphasizes the flexibility of the platform for unrestrained foot motions. 

Flywire technology. Intended to generate a dynamic envelope around the foot, the Flywire technology targets featherlight support and convenient lockdown. Consisting of high-strength threads, the innovation creates suspension bridge cables for the Nike stability shoe.

Frequently asked questions

How do I determine if I am an overpronator? 

The easiest way to find out the type of pronation someone has is to do the wet foot test and to look into the wear and tear on the shoe’s insole. Here is how to do it: 

  • Wet the foot and step on a piece of cardboard. If the footprint on the cardboard almost completely mirrors the entire foot, then you are an overpronator. 
  • Meanwhile, overpronation can also be spotted on the amount of deterioration on the footbed. If the wear and tear is more prominent near the ball of the foot and the big toe, this is an indicator of overpronation. 

Can I wear orthotics when using my Nike overpronation running shoes? 

Yes. As a matter of fact, the Nike overpronation running shoe is quite good for holding orthotics. This is due to the fact that the platform is wide enough for an added in-shoe component. With orthotics, support is increased which is a good feature for overpronators. 

Can a Nike stability shoe help fix overpronation? 

Yes. The running platform does contain some technologies that address overpronation. Given such composition, the running shoe supplies optimal stability to the wearer. Other than wearing the right Nike running shoe, there are also some ways to correct overpronation like: 

  • Wearing orthotics
  • Having exercises that strengthen the arches and muscles on the foot