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Nike mid-top sneakers

Mid-top sneakers are just the perfect middle ground whenever you get tired of the understated look of low-tops and the hard-to-miss design of high-tops. Good thing. Nike has loads of mid-tops for every sneakerhead out there. And you know what? RunRepeat made it a point to get all those good-looking Nike mid-tops in one page.

Popular Nike mid-top sneaker collections for men and women

If you're a diehard Nike fanatic, the first image that comes to mind when you hear the word mid-top is probably the Air Force 1s. Who wouldn't? These kicks, after all, are a collector's must-have, given their timeless, classic design. Check out our collection of AF1s in case your shoe pile needs updating. 

Skaters and casual wearers alike are also in for a treat. Because here, you can expect a good number of hard-wearing Nike SB mid-tops. If you're lucky enough, you might even get one at a discounted rate. 

And since we're talking about mid-tops, who would forget about Nike's coolest Blazers. Every sneaker gal and guy out there, at one point, had their eyes on a pair of these bad boys. If you're one of them, stop hesitating. We have over a dozen models lined up for you.

Other things to expect

If these don't catch your attention, we have a couple more. After all, we have over 30 kicks from 50+ retailers. Choose from various materials, colorways, and styles, and find what you want and need in a matter of minutes.