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Nike Mamba basketball shoes

Kobe Bryant's life ended tragically in January 2020; but his athletic legacy lives on. His long-time endorser Nike, for one, keeps on producing signature shoes under his name. From the Protros to the more affordable Nike Mamba basketball shoes, fans still get to enjoy the trailbrazer that was Kobe Bryant through the sneakers that bear his enduring influence. 

Kobe Bryant started calling himself "Black Mamba" in 2006. According to him, the "Black Mamba" is the alter ego that takes care of his on-court business while "Kobe" takes care of his personal affairs. This newfound identity facilitated so much of his athletic triumphs. It also helped him develop what is now known as the Mamba Mentality, which is built on the values of passion, focus, fearlessness, honesty, and optimism. According to Bryant himself, this approach help basketball players and other athletes in their "constant quest to try to be better today than you were yesterday.”

Needless to say, the Mamba Mentality is what inspired the Nike Mamba shoes. They are all built to support the player in every reasonable way, and nike and Bryant keep their price low so that more athletes can buy and elevate their game.

Nike Mamba shoes: Are they right for you?

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