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Strong ties with the soccer cleat community, aside from developing quality cleats, have been the largely the reason why Nike prevailed over the years. While the brand’s very first release soccer cleat was a blip in the soccer giant’s bevy of soccer cleat models, the company has since recovered from this mishap and has come back strong with much better releases. The Swoosh has since then established themselves as one of the most well-respected giants in the soccer field and continues to push the envelope in creating innovative soccer products.  

While coming up with new technologies and starting trends like high collared cleats, the brand has not forgotten to incorporate more classic designs and construction into their soccer cleats. Bringing a more traditional feel for players are Nike’s low top soccer cleats.

Notable Nike silos and low top soccer cleats 

best nike low top soccer cleats
Best Nike low top soccer cleats - November 2019

For a brand as long-lasting and as well-established as Nike, it is expected that the organization has come up with highly regarded silos that cater to several types of players. Below are some of the most notable silos the Swoosh has under their belt and their respective Nike low top soccer cleats:


This well-established collection has been much-loved through the years since its initial release in ‘84. As one of the most long-standing silos from the Swoosh, the models from this collection brings a straightforward, comfortable, and elegant feel to the pitch. Here are some of the notable Nike low top soccer cleats from the Tiempo line:

  • Nike TiempoX Lunar Legend VII Pro IC - As the name implies, this Nike low top soccer cleat model is one that sports a cushioning system especially designed by the Swoosh. Called the Lunarlon foam midsole, this cushioning system provides a responsive feel to the player’s movements while being lightweight. And as the Nike TiempoX Lunar Legend VII Pro IC is designed for indoor courts, the non-marking feature is particularly handy. This cleat also keeps a simple but menacing colorway featuring a mostly black upper with a few total orange elements integrated into the lacing system.
  • Nike Tiempo Legend VII Academy Firm Ground - Designed for firm ground courts, the Nike Tiempo Legend VII Academy FG soccer cleat has been hailed as belonging to the top-quality models of the Swoosh without going overboard with the budget. The calfskin leather upper, for one, brings a soft feel for players while ensuring durability. For a better ball touch, texturing is also incorporated into the shoe’s design. And finally, for the outsole, a hyperstability stud pattern is used for unfailing traction on firm ground courts.
  • Nike TiempoX Finale 10R IC - Celebrating the legendary Ronaldinho’s soccer career is this Nike low top soccer cleat model. Combining leather and synthetic elements into its upper, the Nike TiempoX Finale 10R IC is engineered to provide a good touch to the ball while promoting comfort. Wearing a sophisticated look through its black and metallic gold colorway, this shoe is an excellent embodiment of its muse.


Replacing the much-beloved T90 silo, the Nike Hypervenom line brought something different to the table. This new offering from the Swoosh features a narrower fit and a more lightweight feel. This is no accident as this silo is created for agility. The upper’s design is fused with a honeycomb texturing that aids ball control for players while dribbling. Players that sported Nike cleats under this silo includes Wayne Rooney and Neymar. Nike low top soccer cleats under this silo include:

  • Nike Hypervenom III Elite FG - The upper of the Nike Hypervenom III Elite is created with a full Flyknit upper which affords the player a second-skin-like fit as the material wraps around the player’s foot. While staying close the foot, this knit element maintains breathability as well as support. For additional foot support, Flywire cables are also integrated into the upper’s asymmetrical lacing system which allows for stability for side-to-side movements.
  • Nike Hypervenom Phantom III Academy FG - This subdued-looking cleat has more going for it than it cares to show. Showcasing a dark grey, white, total orange colorway, the upper of this Nike low top soccer cleat model has texture ensuring a more controlled feel for the ball while adding to durability. An asymmetrical lacing system is also integrated into the Nike Hypervenom Phantom III Academy FG’s construction to maximize the shoe’s strike zone. Perhaps the icing on the cake for this Nike low top soccer cleat is its price which belongs to a budget-friendly tier.


Speed and traction have been the primary focus when Nike created the Mercurial series. Initially released in collaboration with Cristiano Ronaldo, the very first Mercurial brought with it an edgy and menacing look in 1998. Reflecting the persona of its muse, the model sports a KNG-leather upper which allows for a more lightweight feel on the pitch.

  • Nike Mercurial Vapor 360 Elite FG Just Do It - The action comes through the Nike Mercurial Vapor 360 Elite FG's soleplate. While the upper of this model is quite subdued with an all-white coloring, the action is found in the model’s soleplate. Creating contrast from the mostly white top is an orange plate with hints of pink. Other soleplate colors also include green, blue, and red. Additionally, the upper is created with a full Flyknit material which wraps around the player’s foot. A Podular plate system is also used for traction.
  • Nike Mercurial Vapor XII Academy MG - The colorway sported by this Nike low top soccer cleat is a combination of black, white, and total orange which is mixed and matched the three and applying it to the different areas of the Nike Mercurial Vapor XII Academy MG.  The upper that wraps around player’s foot, securing it in place while maintaining comfort and breathability. And, as the name suggests, the soleplate is also engineered to adapt to multiple types of grounds including artificial courts and firm ground courts.  


Released in collaboration with the well-favored soccerer, Andres Iniesta, the Nike Magista line differentiated itself from other Nike soccer cleats through its Flyknit technology when it was released. Below is an example of a Nike low top soccer cleat under the Magista line:

  • Nike Magista Obra II Elite FG - A lightweight feel for this Nike low top soccer cleat comes in the form of its Kanga-Lite and NikeSkin upper. These elements are wrap around the player’s foot creating a soft container-like feel. The larger strike zone of the Nike Magista Obra II Elite FG is afforded by an asymmetrical lacing system bringing excellent ball touch for players.


The Nike Premier line is all about bringing a classic look with all the needed modern innovations. Fusing tried-and-tested elements like kangaroo leather with soleplate made out of more modern materials, Nike low top soccer cleats under the Premier line are intended to be budget-friendly without losing quality.

  • Nike Premier II FG Just Do It - One of the most recent releases for the Nike Premier is the Nike Premier II FG which is part of the Just Do It pack. Veering away from the traditional black and white colorway, this Nike low top soccer cleat is featured in more jarring color palettes which include white, metallic gold, racer blue, and black, total orange, black. As expected from this silo, the upper is created with quality Kangaroo leather. A TPU-based outsole is incorporated into this cleat’s construction.

Nike T90

The Nike T90 (also known as Nike Total 90) series was a well-loved line by the swoosh. Although the line was discontinued, it still made waves and has made an impact even now, especially in the still ongoing Nike Hypervenom silo. The line is popular for being a Nike collection that focuses on power. The popularity of the line, however, fizzled out as there was a sudden shift in the market towards more lightweight designs.   

  • Nike T90 Laser - Belonging to the one Nike’s beloved classic silos, this Nike low top soccer cleat is arguably the most popular among the silo’s releases. This model is well-favored for its wide fit allowing broad-footed players a more comfortable experience on the pitch. While comfort and fit are widely favored, the cleat’s overall bulky exterior did not aid the shoe, or the line’s popularity in the market as the trend for soccer cleat construction moved towards a thinner feel.

Notable technologies in Nike low top soccer cleats


Kangaroo leather

A material which equates to quality in the soccer world, Kangaroo leather has since been highly-regarded for soccer cleats since it was first discovered. When wearing a Kangaroo leather soccer cleat, one can see why this is the case. The material is known to create a personalized fit as it wraps and over time molds to the shape of the player’s foot. Softness and breathability are also evident when this element is felt.  

Nike low top soccer cleats with this feature are Nike Tiempo Legend VI Pro FG and the Nike Tiempo Legend VII FG.

Nike Flyknit

Another technology closely associated with Nike low top soccer cleats is Nike Flyknit. Inspired by runners’ requests for a shoe that brings a sock-like fit but is also breathable and lightweight, this is the three stripes’ answer. Nike Flynknit, since its integration with soccer cleats, has made strides especially in making knit a trend for soccer cleats. Flyknit can be found in several of Nike low top soccer cleat models which includes the tongue of the Nike Tiempo Legend VII FG and Nike Tiempo Legend VII Pro FG models. The Nike Hypervenom III Elite FG, on the other hand, uses a full Flyknit construction for its upper.

Nike Flywire

Getting design elements from how bridges are constructed, Flywire makes use of suspension cables to promote support for the player’s foot. Integrated into the upper’s construction are cables that have been integrated into the soleplate while running through the upper.  

Nike low top soccer cleats that have Flywire technology includes Nike Tiempo Legend VII Pro FG, Nike Vapor Speed Turf, and the Nike Vapor Untouchable Pro.

All Conditions Control (ACC)

Making sure that players are still on top of their game, Nike designed their ACC technology. The technology is developed to deliver maximum grip and control even in wet conditions. The material applied allows for a consistent feel of the ball. An example of a Nike low top soccer cleat with this feature is the Nike Mercurial Vapor 360 Elite FG.


Lunarlon foam

A midsole technology created by the Swoosh to maximize cushioning in their soccer cleats. This foam-based material brings a soft and durable feel for players. Furthermore, the material is designed to be 30% lighter than usual Phylon cushioning used in most soccer cleats. Lunarlon also allows for an even distribution of pressure and impact across the foot. A Nike low top soccer cleat with this cushioning system includes the Nike TiempoX Lunar Legend VII Pro IC.


Full-length TPU plate

Almost a staple for modern Nike low top soccer cleats, Thermoplastic polyurethane outsoles are much coveted for their composition in soccer cleats. Bringing a lightweight feel, it is also known for its durability and stability that it brings to players. An example of a Nike low top soccer cleat with this plate is Nike Premier II FG.

Hyperstability Plate

Most apparent in the Nike Tiempo Legend VII FG soccer cleat model, this type of soleplate is created with compressed nylon which is then covered with Pebax. This construction lends way to a more lightweight cleat while allowing the player stability when making rapid multi-directional movements.

Another Nike low top soccer cleat model with this plate-type is the Nike Tiempo Legend VII Elite FG.

Athletes with Nike low top soccer cleats

It is a well-known fact that the Nike brand is closely tied to the soccer community. Maintaining good relationships with athletes, perhaps, has always been one of the brands strongest moves as it allows them to stay relevant in the soccer market and last through the ages. With this, here is a list of Nike low top soccer cleat models together with their athlete collaborations:

Cristiano Ronaldo

  • Nike Mercurial Vapor 360 Elite iD Nigeria
  • Nike Mercurial Vapor Club CR7 Indoor
  • Nike Mercurial Vapor XI CR7 ‘Cut to brilliance’
  • Nike Mercurial Vapor Superfly VI


  • Nike Mercurial Vapor XII Academy Neymar MG
  • Nike Mercurial Vapor XII Pro FG
  • Nike Mercurial Vapor 360 Elite FG

Eden Hazard

  • Nike Mercurial Vapor XI
  • Nike Mercurial Ultra Flyknit Vapor
  • Nike Mercurial Vapor IX

Philippe Coutinho

  • Nike Mercurial Vapor XI
  • Nike Mercurial Vapor XII Academy MG Just Do It

Frequently asked questions

How did the Nike brand come about?

Founded by Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight, the brand was initially named Blue Ribbon Sports (RBS) and was much involved in the distribution of Japanese-made products. As their business flourished, the partners then ventured into creating the Nike brand which released their first ever shoe line in the succeeding years.

Perhaps the most noteworthy release of the brand is the Nike Tiempos in 1994 which springboarded the brand into the soccer map. Since then, the brand has created notable silos and has established themselves as one of the masters in soccer cleat construction.

What is Flyknit?

What initially started as runner’s plea for shoes that bring a lightweight and sock-like feel has come a long way. Flyknit technology has proved to be much useful in not just in running shoes but is also an excellent technology that can be applied in soccer cleats. With precision-engineering, the material is designed to conform to the player’s foot, providing a second-skin-like fit for wearers while maintaining breathability.

Who are the notable players who wear Nike low top soccer cleats?

The Nike brand is known to be closely associated with top soccerers worldwide, and rightly so, as the swoosh has established themselves as a brand that is all about quality and comfort. This is the reason why top professional soccerers with the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo who is known for his Mercurial CR7 line, Andrés Iniesta for the Magista collection, Neymar who has done design collaborations for the Mercurial silo as well. Other athletes that sport Nike low top soccer cleats include Sergio Ramos, Eden Hazard, and Philippe Coutinho.