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Nike Cortez Sneakers

Best Nike Cortez Sneakers - August 2019

The Nike brand has been in the industry for quite a long time already, and it has proven its worth and significance in the sports and lifestyle categories with the quality and high-performance products it offers. 

For decades now, Nike is able to outstandingly meet the demands and needs of the people from the specific performance enhancement, which regards to the product’s technology in each sports category lines, to style modifications of both classics and new casual sneakers that blend in effortlessly with the continuous evolution of fashion trend.

The Nike Cortez sneakers have been a staple of the brand as it was one of the silhouettes that Nike has produced. It has played a significant role in the brand’s history and has been a massive influence in the footwear industry. The shoe has created a name for itself, marked its place in the world of sneakers and has built a solid reputation that has given value and a big reason for its significance.

Notable Nike Cortez Shoes

The classic Nike Cortez shoes have proven time and time again that it does deliver a timeless appeal as it continues to stay relevant in the sneaker industry after all these years. From different variations to collaborative releases, the Nike Cortez showcases designs that keep up with the trend and a construction that stay reliable. 

Colorway variations for these sneakers also come in a wide variety with many color combinations from white, red, blue, nude, black, green, beige, and many other colors.

Below are some of the iconic and notable collaborative releases and variations of the Nike Cortez sneakers:

Top Nike Cortez Sneakers Collaborations

The Nike Cortez sneakers with its timeless appeal, the rich heritage it carries in it, and the influence it has in the sneaker industry, there is no doubt and no surprise that the classic silhouette will be a part of top collaborative releases. Here are a few:

1. Kendrick Lamar x Nike Cortez Basic Slip

In October 2018, the collaboration between Kendrick Lamar and Nike for the Nike Cortez silhouette was confirmed with the release of the official photos of the new look for the classic sneaker. The design of shoe ditched the traditional lacing system and replaced it with the easy slip-on feature.

The Kendrick Lamar x Nike Cortez Basic Slip features an “oversized, padded tongue” and on its heel is the drawstring clasp system. The tongue on each of the shoe displays the words “HOUSE SHOES” and on its sides is the signature Nike Swoosh logo. On the heel, tongues, and insoles of the sneaker is the notable addition of the Nike branding.

2. Nike LA Cortez x Maria Sharapova Classic Premium

The team-up between Nike and Maria Sharapova for giving the Nike LA Cortez a fresh look started in the Spring of 2018 in which a “pink but also nude at the same time” with gold accents colorway for the shoe was introduced. Another colorway followed in August 2018 which showcases a “nude leather upper and rich satin laces.”

The iconic and signature lolly pop logo of Sharapova is presented and etched on the rear of one of the shoe, while the Nike branding on the other.  A red stripe rounds the heel down to the midsole.

3. Commes Des Garcon x Nike Cortez Platform

The platform Nike Cortez sneakers were first seen during the Paris Fashion Week back in March 2018. Nike has recently shared the official images of the outrageous pair of kicks, yet the official release date has not been announced yet.

The Commes Des Garcon x Nike Cortez Platform features a monochromatic appearance of the classic upper design structure of the Nike Cortez shoe which now sits atop the enormous black and white platform sole.

Variations of the Nike Cortez Shoes

The Nike Cortez sneakers have been around for many years and continue to stay relevant in the industry with the elegance of its design and as well as the notable variations released for the classic silhouette. Below are some of the Nike Cortez variations:

1. Nike Classic Cortez

Featuring a combination of leather and synthetic leather upper construction, the Nike Classic Cortez women’s shoes delivers enhanced durability and quality performance. This low-top sneaker is available in various colorways, offering many choices for buyers.

Other key features of these women’s Nike Cortez shoes:

  • Foam midsole which delivers lightweight cushioning
  • A herringbone pattern on its rubber outsole that provides excellent traction

2. Nike Classic Cortez Premium

This Nike Cortez, which is built with premium materials, showcases a “first-class look.” The iconic original design structure of the shoe is displayed by the shoe but with a more elegant appeal.

Additional information about the Nike Classic Cortez Premium

  • Upper construction is built with leather, synthetic, or textile, varying on its colorway
  • Features a foam midsole that provides lightweight cushioning
  • The rubber outsole showcases the herringbone pattern that gives off dependable traction

3. Nike Cortez Basic Nylon

This version of the Nike Cortez showcases a little bit wider heel which is also a bit higher than the original design. Another notable difference this silhouette has from its originator is its upper construction which is made of nylon and suede overlays which provides a lightweight feel. This sneaker is also recognized to be breathable.

More information about these men’s Nike Cortez shoes:

  • Foam sole that delivers lightweight cushioning
  • Herringbone pattern on the rubber outsole

4. Nike Cortez Basic Leather OG

A throwback design taken from past eras that blend in with the original style of the shoe, the Nike Cortez Basic Leather OG delivers the timeless appeal that it inherited from its forefather.

Key features of these Nike Cortez shoes for men:

  • Premium full-grain leather upper structure
  • EVA midsole for its cushioning system
  • The herringbone pattern on its rubber outsole

5. Nike Cortez Basic Leather

Paying tribute to its roots, the Nike Cortez Basic Leather displays the timeless appeal of the original Nike Cortez which was released in 1972.

More information about this variation of the Nike Cortez sneakers:

  • Features a genuine and synthetic leather upper construction that delivers a premium feel
  • Displays its traditional low-top profile
  • For excellent traction, the shoe showcases the herringbone pattern on its rubber outsole

6. Nike Cortez Basic SE

An update is given to the design profile of the classic Nike Cortez and comes the Nike Cortez Basic SE. The most notable difference of this silhouette from its originator is its puffy nylon material that covers most of its upper structure.

Additional notable features of the sneaker:

  • The traditional foam midsole
  • Rubber outsole with the herringbone pattern

A Short History of the Nike Cortez

First introduced in the year 1972, the Nike Cortez is a product of creativity of Bill Bowerman who is the co-founder of Nike and an Olympic-class track coach. But the creation of the shoe didn’t have a smooth ride as it took years for Bowerman to come up with such a masterpiece.

Bowerman did his best to find ways to give his athletes the best advantage in the field. He wrote to major athletic footwear companies that were keen on selling him their products, but they were not that open in accepting his ideas. Determined to have the kind of shoes that he needed, Bowerman started improvising through his own running shoes. He came up with different designs through using various types of materials.

It was in the year 1968 that the profile image of what will be the Nike Cortez came. It was also the Olympic year that was held in Mexico in which the shoe would have been named “Aztec.” Nike was forced to change the name of its silhouette as a competitor already released a shoe that was called the “Azteca Golden.”

The name “Cortez” was inspired by the Spaniard, Hernan Cortes, who led the Spanish team that skillfully defeated the Aztecs. The story and success of Hernan Cortes gave Nike the perfect idea to match with their competition. Thus, the introduction of the Nike Cortez in 1972. The release year was also an Olympic year that was held in Munich, Germany.

The classic silhouette has exerted a massive influence into the footwear industry from being a running shoe into one of the iconic sneakers in history. It has witnessed many important events, and many believed that it had played a very significant role in the brand’s foundation.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Where to buy Nike Cortez shoes?

Throughout its existence, the Nike Cortez has evolved, and it has transitioned successfully from being a running shoe into one of the most sought-after classic lifestyle sneakers. With its popularity and influence, it has remained one of the iconic shoes from the brand and continued to stay in production up to the present.

There is an extensive option on where one can find a pair of the Nike Cortez. Here in, a more convenient way of searching for Nike Cortez shoes is offered for you. Go on the “Sneakers” homepage which can be found through clicking here. On the left side of the page, you can find the “Nike Cortez” filter under “Collection,” or you can search it through the Collection search bar to find the filter much faster and easier.

When finding the pair that you like, you will be directed to the links that have the available offers for you.

How much do Nike Cortez sneakers cost?

Nike Cortez shoes come in different price tags, depending on the exact model or variation. Price range for these sneakers often start from $50 to $90 and goes up to at $200 and above. The prices vary on the version of the shoe, whether it is a premium model, or if it is a part of a limited edition or special edition release and a collaborative release.

How to style casual Nike Cortez sneakers?

A versatile sneaker the Nike Cortez is, it has the ability to complement a wide variety of ensembles that one may choose to wear in various kinds of occasions. With the stylish and timeless appeal of the shoe, it fits well in the street-inspired style and matches up with different casual street wear. It also gives the wearer the freedom to express themselves through their outfits or looks whether they would go for a more athletic get or to a more trendy style.

For some ideas on how to style up their pair of casual Nike Cortez sneakers, they can try the following (applicable for both men and women):

  • Ripped skinny jeans, t-shirts, and leather jackets
  • Flared pants and button up shirts
  • Cropped skinny jeans, t-shirt, and denim jackets
  • Jogger jeans and hoodies
  • Denim on denim combo
  • Skirts
  • Dresses

How to properly clean Nike Cortez shoes?

Cleaning Nike Cortez shoes may vary on the materials used on its design construction. Some materials may need a specific method in cleaning them so they won’t be damaged. It is also essential for one to know the right process of cleaning their pair of shoe as it also helps in making it last longer.

The cleaning tool for shoes may also depend on the shoe’s materials. 

Generally, here are some of the tools that are usually used in the cleaning process:

  • Dry brush – this type of brush is often used to remove dirt on the shoe before washing them with water and solution.
  • Rags – to keep the shape of the shoe and not get them deformed, especially when one will be throwing them into the wash, rags is used to be stuff into the shoe.
  • Cleaning solution – usually, diluted laundry detergent is used as a substitute for shoe cleaner solution.
  • Standard brush – commonly the one that has the synthetic bristles which are suitable for sneakers built with leather material. It is also good for those with the boost foam soles.
  • Premium brush – this one displays a softer and finer set of bristles and is most suitable for shoes that are made with knitted material or exquisite materials.
  • Towels – these are used after cleaning the shoe to absorb the excess water from the shoe.

Here are also the standard procedures for cleaning one’s pair of shoes:

  • Dry brush the shoe first in order to get rid of the dirt on its upper and midsole as well as the ones sticking into the grooves on the outsole.
  • Using a mild cleaning solution which can be made of warm water and laundry detergent, wash the pair shoe and remove the stain that has stuck onto it, including the other parts of the shoe that has gone dirty.
  • It is ideal to wash the laces separately in order to clean it better and completely remove the dirt on it by applying a small amount of the cleaning solution and massaging it onto the laces before rinsing it with water.
  • For the upper of the shoe, use the mild solution and brush the entire upper with, preferably, a soft-bristled brush. One may also use a soft cloth as a substitute for the brush.
  • In washing the soles of the shoes, use a soft-bristled brush and apply the mild solution to the midsole and outsole. Scrub off the said parts of the shoe to completely remove the dirt then rinse with water.
  • After washing the shoe with the use of the mild cleaning solution, use a micro-fiber towel or a soft cloth to blot or absorb the excess water on the shoe. For the midsole and outsole, a soft cloth may also be used.
  • Letting the shoe air dry is recommended, but one may also throw the shoe into the dryer if the materials used in the shoe’s construction allows them to do so.

Which Nike Cortez variation is the best one to buy?

When buying the best pair of Nike Cortez sneakers, it always comes down to which pair the buyer likes the most. There is a wide variety of choices for the Cortez shoes which goes from the original design to updated re-issues and collaborative releases. 

Colorways for the sneaker come in many options as well just like the original red and white Nike Cortez shoes or the classic blue and white Nike Cortez sneakers.

Premium variations of the shoe are also available, offering the wearer the luxurious feel. There are also the unique looks of the Cortez that are usually introduced through collaborations.

Does Nike offer customization for the Nike Cortez sneakers?

Nike does offer customization for the Nike Cortez shoes through its customization program, NikeiD. Not all versions of the Nike Cortez are available for customization. But those that can be customized are labeled with “iD” in the Nike official website, and the buyer is offered with a wide variety of choices for color combinations and other features of the program.

Can men get a pair of women’s Nike Cortez shoes and vice versa?

Yes, they can. Men may get a pair of women’s exclusive Nike Cortez sneakers, as women may get a pair of men’s Nike Cortez shoes. For men who may want to get a pair of the women’s shoes, they must add 1.5 to 2 to the women’s sizing to accommodate their foot size. For women, they must do the opposite which is to reduce 1.5 to 2 from the men’s sizing.

Are Nike Cortez sneakers a good choice to wear on a more formal event?

In the world today, fashion goes as crazy as it can. People have gone far more creative about their looks and style and can pull off their outfits in different types of occasions effortlessly. For the Nike Cortez sneakers to be worn in a more formal event, it rather relies on the wearer’s capabilities of styling up their look to make the shoe fit for the occasion.

As the Nike Cortez delivers a classic, simplistic, and minimalist image, one can wear during formal events with the appropriate set of attire to match up with accordingly. It can go well with fitted pants or jeans paired with a coat on top of the clean-looking shirt.