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The benchmarks of outstanding form and substance are ever present with every pair of Nike shoes. The more than 100,000 reviews garnered from every Dick, Tom, and Jane is irrevocable confirmation of the ubiquity of Nike’s presence in the running world. Its influence is so saturated that it would be impossible to imagine the Swoosh as being absent in any of the thousand races that occur in a year.

Why should you get the best Nike competition running shoes?

best nike competition running shoes
Best Nike competition running shoes - November 2019

  • Other than the track or trail, the most common sight on race day is the winged logo of Nike. There is absolutely no better way of getting assurance that the runner is wearing the ideal shoe when the masses on race day are mostly outfitted by the Swoosh.
  • The best Nike competition shoes are so lightweight the runner forgets he is wearing a pair. They say that the best way to know the shoe is working as expected is when the runner completely forgets he is using one. Aside from being feather light, these shoes provide greater responsiveness for a more dynamic stride.
  • Another great feature of Nike racing shoes is their low profile. These racers almost hug the ground for the best tactile feedback possible. An efficient and faster stride usually results from a confident runner that knows the feel of the land underfoot.
  • Flexibility is also a feature that is mentioned in the same breath as the Nike racing shoes. The minimal support and stability features make these racers incredibly elastic. Flexibility is of utmost importance in any racing shoe.
  • Nike competition running shoes are not limited to the tracks only. It has also its counterparts that are built for the tracks and hybrids that can handle track and trail alike.
  • Nike trail shoes for racing are understandably thicker in the midsole to provide a buffer between the runner’s foot and the rugged ground. The racers made for the trail are also a bit heavier than its track counterparts since it carries protection plates and safety features.
  • Despite their general light weight, racers, either for track and trail have some cushioning built into them. These cushioning would allow these racers to be of use as a daily trainer. But, in most cases, these racers would have a shorter lifespan if doubled as a trainer.
  • Racing flats offered by Nike ranges from 7oz or lighter. The options would vary according to the runner’s intensity during runs, distance, and most especially, the runner’s natural mechanics.

How to pick the best Nike competition shoes?

  • Fit. Any race shoe worth its salt should have a fantastic fit. Anything less than ideal would be disastrous on race day. Nike competition shoes have a snug fit that allows runners to focus on their mechanics rather than on the footwear.
  • Weight. By any account race shoes should be lightweight. The option would always depend on the runner’s needs. Recognizing this, Nike has a range of choices the runner can choose from that would suit his needs perfectly.
  • Responsiveness. Midsole foam construction would be the main culprit for the best responsiveness available. Nike uses the Lunarlon or Phylon foams that are ultra light with aggressive rebound features.