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  • Collection: Nike Blazer Mid 77
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Nike Blazer Mid 77 sneakers

For a sneaker design to prevail generations after generations, only hints one thing. There’s a probability it’ll survive for another decade or so. Thus, it wouldn’t hurt to have a classic style residing in your sneaker cubby. 

Blazers have been around even before Nike took shots with the Dunks and bred the Jordans. But unlike any b-ball greats, this icon shows no signs of retiring. If mid-top kicks with old-school basketball quality are your cup of tea, and the Converse Chucks seem too rugged for you, then the reinterpreted Nike Blazer Mid 77’s might be perfect for your taste. 

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Whether you’re new to the sneaker game or has turned into a sneakerhead, searching for the best deals of kicks isn’t only practical but wise. Score authentic Nike Blazer Mid 77’s at their best value through RunRepeat and take it to the rack. Everything’s legit here. So you can expect to bring home the real McCoy that will put a nice throwback touch to your style. The vintage variety in leather and suede takes you back to the 70s. The Infinite styles give out an edgy vibe, which could work for you if you like a bit of quirkiness. 

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