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Nike Terra Kiger running shoes

Terra Kiger is one of the staple trail running shoe series from Nike. It could be considered as the middle ground between the highly cushioned Nike Pegasus Trail (daily trainer/long-distance) and the Nike Wildhorse (off-trail kind of shoe). The Kigers shine as fast and springy speedsters for the trails.

What the Kigers are all about

These shoes are cushioned just enough, feel comfortable, and are praised for solid durability. And not to mention their vibrant colorways and sexy looks! These are some of the primary reasons why the Kigers have become some of the most popular trail running shoes on market.

Featuring a protective rock plate, you can rest assured that your feet are safeguarded from stepping on some sharp stones and other debris along the way. Thanks to this component, the Kigers can be considered running/hiking trail shoes. Especially if you are into fast-paced hiking or are a fan of hiking light.

It’s also important to mention that the Kigers are breathable shoes, meaning that they are not going to protect you from stepping into wet terrain or getting caught in the rain. If you need that protection from water, it’s better to consider a pair of waterproof trail running shoes.

Get a good deal for a Nike Terra Kiger shoe

The Nike Terra Kiger is not the cheap type. With the average price of trail running shoes being close to $130, the latest iteration of the Kiger sells for $160! But that’s why Runrepeat is here for you. We keep track of the discounts from over 200 online shops to make sure you can get a fabulous Nike shoe for as low as possible.