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Newton Running has a collection of some of the best shoes available on the market. Above 100, 000 reviews say that Newton has a variety of shoes that caters many trends and personal choices. They put in mind the different perspectives of every potential Newton product user. They even make effective use of their up-to-date shoe technologies in their lineup of shoes that doesn’t have many features and explosive designs. Newton is a company that is flexible to the needs of everyone and that makes them a formidable force in the running shoe market.

What can you expect from the best Newton minimalist shoes?

  • The best Newton minimalist shoes have lightweight, flexible molded support frames and highly breathable mesh, materials that do not take up much of the shoe’s weight and overall shape. They help in securing the user’s feet while ensuring that the quality materials aren’t put to extensive use.
  • In doing away with much of the expanded features found in most running shoes in the market, minimalist shoes actually improve the stability and speed of the athlete. Minimalist shoes are made to mimic the act of a person running barefoot.
  • Those who prefer wearing minimalist shoes for their activities attain more flexibility with their feet when doing their activities. Without much of the technological add-ons, minimalist shoe-users can get an extended degree of freedom and foot bendability. This advantage in elasticity gives breathing room for the foot, thus preventing heel and toe fatigue.
  • The lighter weight of the best Newton minimalist shoes permits a speedier and more flexible performance coming from the athlete. Kicking, jumping and running would be a breeze because there isn’t a noticeable weight around the feet.
  • It doesn’t mean that Newton removed the quality performance of their shoes when they made their minimalist roster. Their trademark Action/Reaction technology is still present and fine-tuned to remove excess bulk. The EVA cushioning system is also placed in this type of shoe. With Newton, quality isn’t removed, it is preserved.

What are the features you can find in the best Newton minimalist shoes?

  • Weight. Minimalist shoes, having stripped away some of the features that make shoes bulkier and heavier, are lighter and more wieldy. Weighing only 150-200 grams, minimalist shoes are perfect for speed runners and time conscious athletes who want to break records, whether personal or otherwise.
  • Structure. The best Newton minimalist shoes have lateral stabilizing webbings and flexible support frames in their upper parts. Their facades aren’t bulky and they’re mostly elastic enough to accommodate free movement of the foot. Minimalist shoe enthusiasts will appreciate the heel-securing eyelets and laces that are slip-proof.
  • Environment Friendly. Because minimalists don’t want to indulge in so much constituents and features in their things, the best Newton minimalist shoes utilize as few core features as possible while retaining the overall quality of the Newton brand. Their materials for the laces, webbing, insole top cover, outer sole rubber, upper mesh, and even their packaging are made from recycled materials.