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New Balance turf soccer cleats

New Balance began its long-running history in 1906 with the philosophy of aspiring to create a better sneaker. The past years, the company has continuously evolved, making it among the most solid and dependable brands in today’s sports market. It kept its relevance through the changing times and trends, keeping up with the latest technological advancements to reach its current post as one of Europe’s greatest brands.

Although it did not originally launch as a soccer cleat brand, the company has certainly raised the bar in the industry by applying their design philosophy in each of their cleat models. Currently, they have a robust line-up of soccer cleats, which includes a wide selection of New Balance turf soccer cleats that offer aesthetics and functionality.

Interesting facts about New Balance turf soccer cleats

With its century-old presence in the industry, New Balance sure has a lot of stories to tell. Here are a few snippets about the company’s journey, from its early beginnings to its rise to the topmost of the market, as one of the most influential name in sports today.

New Balance did not necessarily begin as a footwear company. It actually has orthopedic roots as it started out selling arch support insoles and prescription shoes for people who had foot issues. In fact, it’s original name was “New Balance Arch Support Company.” This design aspect can be seen in most of today’s New Balance turf soccer cleats, particularly in their insoles.

The inspiration behind the brand originated from chickens. Founder, William J. Riley’s arch support concept was based on the idea of chickens’ claws and how the animals balanced on them. Studying how chickens move, he came up with an insole design that had three support points. This concept is also adapted in modern cleat design, including New Balance turf soccer cleats.

The company produced the world’s first high performance running shoe. It was the first professional running sneaker named the “Trackster.” The release marked the brand’s entry into the shoe manufacturing industry.

The famous “N” was only introduced around the 70s. This standout logo did not appear in their shoes until the middle part of the 1970s. This was also the time when the 320 and 620 shoe models were introduced. With a distinct mark, brand sales rose up, putting the shoe brand on the map.

The brand first sold their shoes to policemen and firefighters. For the first few decades, New Balance didn’t have any stores. Marketing was usually done by traveling to police stations and firehouses to sell them their shoes. The brand figured that these men in uniform needed comfortable shoes to use all day long.

New Balance announced its entry into the soccer world in 2015. Initially, the company transacted deals through its subsidiary Warrior Sports in 2012 but eventually went on to rebrand. Now, their name stands among the biggest names in the industry creating soccer cleats that give the competition a run for their money.

The very first New Balance soccer cleat launched in 2015 had one remarkable element - a honeycomb upper design. This looked quite similar to Nike’s Hypervenom Phantom NikeSkin. Then again, this was not the first time it was seen on a New Balance shoe. The Minimus Road Zero running shoe released in 2011 also sported a similar upper.

For their first few releases, the brand fitted their soccer cleats with an asymmetrical lacing system that allowed for an expanded strike zone. The tongue and the heel areas also utilized holes that offered enhanced breathability. Moreover, the honeycomb structure adapted in the upper worked to give better ball control in both wet and dry conditions.

Most of the design elements of the earliest releases from the brand are also incorporated in their line of New Balance turf soccer cleats. This makes for robust collection that rises along with the other big names in the soccer cleat industry.

Anatomy of a New Balance turf soccer cleat

New Balance is definitely a brand that is keen on designing its products. That said, players can expect the best from their line of New Balance turf soccer cleats off to showcase not only bold and catchy aesthetics but also top-of-the-line features that make these cleats a cut above the rest.

Although a relatively new player in the soccer market, the company has already made a name in the world of sports, from creating arch supports to crafting their line of high-quality running shoes. Here is a look at what players can expect from a pair of New Balance turf soccer cleats:


The upper of a typical New Balance turf soccer cleat is lined with either genuine leather of synthetic material. With their vision to create comfortable shoes, their turf models have been equipped with uppers that provide a snug fit that allows the foot to move freely and comfortably. Moreover, the high-quality construction of each shoe ensures that it performs excellently in terms of enhancing ball touch and feel.

Latest releases from the New Balance turf soccer cleat collection that wear a synthetic upper also employ a print design. This is meant to mimic a molded detail that adds aesthetic appeal to the cleat.


New Balance turf soccer cleats are engineered with outsoles that are suited to excel on the turf. The rubber material is typically used to line the base of these cleats. For superior grip on the artificial turf, the sole unit employs a series of short, circular bumps distributed all over the bottom. These nubs facilitate movement on the pitch, especially during quick pivots and directional changes.


Although not all New Balance turf soccer cleats have a midsole, the value of this part of the cleat cannot be missed. Staying true to their vision of making comfortable shoes more accessible, New Balance has employed added cushioning to their soccer cleats. The brand’s REVlite technology is utilized in the cleats’ midsole construction, ensuring that the foot is well-cushioned and protected. The midsole also works to stabilize and support the foot during the game.

A staple feature found in the majority of New Balance turf soccer cleats is the foam insoles. These inserts also function to cushion the foot and provide support and comfort. They also help improve the overall fit.

Notable New Balance turf soccer cleats

Here are some of the most noteworthy New Balance turf soccer cleat models:  

New Balance Furon 3.0 Dispatch TF

This New Balance turf soccer cleat boasts of a redesigned straight last that offers the best fit. With its lower toe spring, wearers can expect utmost comfort from this soccer cleat. Of course, the company did not miss to install an EVA (Ethyl Vinyl Acetate) insert that reinforces comfort and fit.

As an added feature, this version of the Furon highlights an all-new rubber turf outsole that supplies the right amount of traction on the artificial turf. Additionally, the upper of this New Balance turf soccer cleat adapts a print design that mimics a molded upper detail.

New Balance Audazo 2.0 Pro TF

One of the features of this New Balance turf soccer cleat is its lightweight synthetic leather upper that performs with impeccable ball touch for the best possible control. This cleat also shows off a high abrasion toe cap and heel counter for improved durability that can last users from one match to another.

Like most soccer cleats from the brand, the turf variation of the Audazo 2.0 Pro also employs an EVA insole alongside an internal stiffened heel for the best fit and comfort. Additionally, this New Balance turf soccer cleat has been installed with an ultralight REVlite midsole that helps cushion the foot as well as provide stability.

New Balance Visaro 2.0 Control TF

Another of New Balance’s turf soccer cleats, this version of the Visaro shines with a PU (polyurethane) upper in a print design that resembles that of an Ariaprene upper. This material ensures durability and flexibility that improves ball touch. This soccer cleat also features a non-removable EVA footbed that offers comfort as well as some cushioning.

For its outsole, the brand has fitted this New Balance soccer cleat with a transparent rubber turf unit. Apart from providing traction, this base also performs with great articulation on the turf pitch.

New Balance Visaro Leather TF

A distinct detail of this New Balance turf soccer cleat is its full grain leather vamp that gives superior comfort and ball feel. Instead of the usual EVA footbed, this Visaro cleat utilizes a Fresh Foam insert that provides cushioning and protection for the foot. Moreover, it also features a REVlite foam midsole that supports and stabilizes the foot, especially during forward motions. Another plus feature of this soccer cleat it the additional widths its offers to accommodate players with wider feet.

Frequently Asked Questions

What cleat technologies are featured in New Balance turf soccer cleats?

There are two innovative technologies that are worth mentioning as featured in New Balance turf soccer cleats. These are the REVlite and the Fresh Foam. Being a brand that started out designing arch supports, it would come as no surprise that their soccer cleat releases are also equipped with similar supportive features.

The REVlite is an innovative midsole compound that performs with high responsiveness and durability. It also provides a lightweight feel without compromising its ability to cushion and stabilize the foot. This technology is seen in New Balance turf soccer cleats like the Audazo 2.0 Pro TF as well as other cleat releases from the brand.

In the same way, the Fresh Foam is also another cushioning technology that gives the softest and smoothest performance on the pitch. This supportive insole is utilized by cleats like the New Balance Visaro Leather TF to ensure wearers the most comfortable fit.

What kind of fit is offered by New Balance turf soccer cleats?

With comfort as one of their top priorities when designing cleats, New Balance is keen in equipping each soccer cleat model with high-quality materials that comfortably wrap around the foot. Whether the upper be synthetic or genuine leather, they make sure that the fit is non-restraining, allowing natural movement of the foot. Wearers can expect convenience and comfort that will allow them to play through long hours on the pitch.

Compared to other brands, New Balance turf soccer cleats typically offer broader widths that accommodate wider-footed players. In fact, some models, like the New Balance Visaro Leather TF, is available in multiple widths to cater to players with different foot sizes.

What practical tip can help me extend the life of my New Balance turf soccer cleats?

There are actually quite a number of practices that can help you better take care of your New Balance turf soccer cleat, so it will last more than just a few games. Here are three practical tips that might help you out.

Keep them clean. Cleaning your New Balance turf soccer cleats right after game is vital if you want to preserve your shoes. Debris can damage your cleat and can harbor bacteria that can harm your foot.

Use on the right surface. Different soccer cleats are created for different types of surfaces. That said, you New Balance turf soccer cleats are best worn on turf pitches. Using them on rough concrete can damage the rubber studs installed on the outsole.

Keep them dry. Moisture is the enemy of your New Balance soccer cleats. Not only does it contribute to the foul-smelling odor from your shoe after each game, it also promotes the growth of bacteria and mildew. One good way of drying your soccer cleats after cleaning is by stuffing them with newspaper that readily absorbs all the moisture.