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Founded in the year 1906, New Balance has always been a brand putting emphasis on quality products. New Balance has since then been specializing in arch supports. It is the very same element that can be found in its track and field shoes. As a matter of fact, support is just one of the many good features of a New Balance track spike. In this article, we will look at the different aspects of a New Balance track and field shoe that makes it top-notch athletic footwear. 

What to expect from New Balance track spikes

best new balance track and field shoes
Best New Balance track and field shoes- January 2020

Catering to the wide range of sporting events in track and field, New Balance has produced some of the most reliable and high-performance track spikes in the market. Here are some of the details and features of its shoes that you should look out for: 

Excellent traction production 

Traction is essential in enhancing the speed of an athlete. It helps with both acceleration and keeping sure-footedness during sudden direction shifts. One of the things that makes a New Balance track spike reliable is the amount of traction it supplies. This is all due to the materials integrated into the shoe’s fashion. For instance, rubber outsoles are supplemented to some New Balance track spikes. These materials enable both traction and durability, which we will also look into. 

Secure fit

One of the important aspects when performing in any of the track and field events is the security of the track shoes. What we mean by a secure-fitting shoe is that it fits snugly and tightly. The very same elements are embodied by a New Balance track and field spike. Security ensures an injury-free performance as it locks the foot down in place, helping the athlete focus on the competition. 

Durable componentry

A lot of hazardous and abrasive elements are present in the sport of track and field. Naturally, these will affect the longevity of the shoe-- something that New Balance has kept a keen eye on. The brand’s track shoes are those that are composed of sturdy materials. An example of this would be the integration of the Pebax® plate in New Balance spikes. It is a component that is very common among other track spikes because of its durability. 

Innovative features 

It is inherent among athletic footwear brands to continually improve on their current models to stay competitive in the market. The very same principle is applied by New Balance. One of the most lauded technological innovations incorporated into its track spike is the use of the BOA® Fit System. It allows athletes to dial in accurate fit and eliminates the use of inconvenient lacing systems. Overall, the innovation of the New Balance track shoes is intended for better user experience and more robust performance. 

Supportive construction 

Another element that keeps the athlete safe from any harm or injury is the amount of support brought by his/her track shoe. Support is established in a New Balance track and field spike’s in-shoe cushioning, overlays, and spike plate. This element is very crucial in the delivery of a stable and safe experience 

The composition of New Balance track shoes

  • BOA® Fit System
    Probably one of the reasons why a New Balance track spike is unique both physically and in functionality is due to the integration of the BOA® Fit System. Ultimately, this technology enables an accurate, convenient, and lockdown fit. The very same technique is integrated into the following New Balance track shoes: Vazee Sigma and Vazee Sigma Harmony.
  • Bootie construction
    It is a design that is incorporated into the upper structure of a New Balance track shoe, allowing easy foot entry. It integrates the tongue to enable comfort, as well as unrestricted foot movements. Moreover, such construction features different ventilation zones that allow a sufficient amount of air into the foot chamber.
  • Internal Shank
    Basically, the internal shank adheres to the supportive construction of a New Balance track and field shoe. It is situated between the insole and outsole, providing rigidness and stability.
  • Pebax® Plate
    Found in other track and field shoes for running, jumping, and throwing, the Pebax® plate is a component that is responsible for propulsion, durability, and flexibility. To produce a reliable track and field spike, New Balance has made sure to integrate this material into most of its track shoes. It can even be found in the New Balance MD800 v6

Frequently asked questions

Are New Balance track and field shoes reliable? 

Yes. New Balance track spikes are configured in a way that they suit you best for your different needs in your track and field competition, and even during your training. As mentioned earlier, what makes these spikes unique and trustworthy are their excellent traction, security, durability, innovative components, and supportiveness. 

Is the BOA Fit System found in all New Balance track shoes? 

No. Some New Balance track and field spikes do not feature the BOA® Fit System. However, this does not mean with the absence of the BOA® Fit System, the security of the brand’s track shoes has been eliminated. These shoes still offer the same amount of accurate and snug fit as those that feature such a unique closure system.