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Founded more than 100 years ago, New Balance has placed emphasis on comfort, support, and quality. Just like any other athletic shoe manufacturing company, the brand started out small and did not initially focus on shoe production. Instead, the company began by selling arch supports for workers who stood up for long periods. The company only spotted an opportunity in shoe production a couple of years later. 

Fast forward to today, New Balance is a household name that’s hailed for its remarkable athletic shoes. The brand’s track and field spikes are no exception. Some of the world’s most famous athletes even patronize and promote the brand for its outstandingly engineered track shoes, most especially its sprinting spikes. With this article, we will unfold the qualities of a New Balance sprinting shoe that makes it stand out from the rest, and some of the famous track sprinting shoe collections from the brand. 

Popular New Balance sprinting shoe series

Best New Balance sprints track and field shoes - May 2020

Vazee Verge

Built specifically for elite sprinters, the Vazee Verge from New Balance offers a classic midfoot lockdown. It features an aggressive design paired with a standard lacing system to yield optimal performance. Its design allows for torsional rigidity and responsiveness, powering supportive and reliable sprints. 


The Sigma is touted as a lightweight yet aggressive track spike collection from New Balance. It features shoes that are engineered for snug midfoot lockdown. Equipped with innovative technologies from the brand itself, the Sigma series supplies a smoother transition and a powerful push-off. 


Dubbed as an entry-level sprint spike lineup, the SD100 stands as a perfect match for athletes who are just beginning in their track careers. It is best for those who still have yet to decide their expertise in the sport as it offers versatile track performance. With its construction, it delivers a propulsive ride, grippy traction, and unparalleled durability. 

A buyer’s guide to a New Balance sprinting spike

New Balance wouldn’t be a household name for no reason. Here are some of the features and characteristics of the brand’s sprinting spikes that earned it its reputation: 


One of the most hailed qualities of a New Balance sprinting spike is the amount of comfort it delivers. As a matter of fact, such a feature goes a long way back. Ever since the company started manufacturing athletic footwear, support has always been a priority⁠—earning the brand a reputable image in the market. The amount of comfort enabled by a New Balance sprinting shoe permits an irritation-free running experience. 


Track surfaces are naturally abrasive; they can degrade the components of track sprinting shoes. For athletes to be able to reuse their sprinting spikes in intact and perfect condition, New Balance has fashioned its track shoe to possess sturdy materials. These components allow a New Balance track sprinting spike to withstand abrasion and natural wear and tear. 


A sufficient amount of support is integral in guaranteeing a stable ride. In turn, stability is fundamental in generating a safe performance. New Balance engineers its track shoes to have a supportive fit by integrating adequate cushioning into the sprint spike, as well as, melding components such as overlays that help in enhancing structural support. Such is very evident in the SD100 v2 and Vazee Verge

Frequently asked questions

What are the benefits of having a New Balance sprint spike? 

As mentioned above, the New Balance sprint spike is packed with state-of-the-art components that enable its reliable and durable makeup. Moreover, it is designed to be supportive and comfortable, allowing the athlete to focus on the competition while delivering a powerful and propulsive ride. 

How many spikes do I need for my New Balance sprinting shoe? 

Naturally, the shorter the distance, the more spike pins you’ll need for your track shoe. This is intended for the production of a higher amount of traction. It also depends on the number of spike receptacles that your New Balance sprinting shoe has, or whether it features removable spikes. However, as a standard, the maximum number of spikes designated for track and field sprinting spike stands at 8 spikes per shoe. 

How often do I have to change my New Balance sprint spike? 

On average, you have to reinvest in a new pair of New Balance sprinting shoes every after two seasons. This is to ensure that it still has qualities that are sturdy and functional to keep you away from injuries. Again, it is better to spend money on a reliable pair of track shoes than pay outrageously expensive medical bills for an injury.