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Quality is one word that resonates with New Balance. The brand has always been keen on producing excellent quality products. In fact, quality has been their top selling point from the very beginning. That said, their entry into the soccer scene proved to be one climactic moment for the sport as soccer athletes got to experience the innovative comfort and performance that New Balance low top soccer cleats brought to the pitch.

With their long experience in making high-quality running sneakers, New Balance sure maintained the same standards in creating their soccer contenders. Though a new player in the soccer market, the brand sure gave the top brands like Nike, Adidas, and Puma a run for their money with their solid line of New Balance low top soccer cleats.

Interesting facts about New Balance

best new balance low top soccer cleats
Best New Balance low top soccer cleats - November 2019

  • New Balance only made its first pair of shoes in 1938. Although the company opened in 1906, it did not necessarily begin its career in shoe manufacturing. The first product they sold were arch supports. Eventually, the company moved into the sneaker market, releasing their first ever model, which was suited for runners. It sported a crepe sole and a black upper made of kangaroo leather.
  • The reason behind the brand’s entry into the sneaker market was to create “more comfortable and serviceable” sneakers. This principle is what spurred New Balance to pursue and maintain premium quality in their products, especially their shoes. They were out to prove to the world that they could make excellent sneakers, the way they made their top quality arch supports.
  • Before the New Balance branding was linked to various big celebrity names, it stood by the slogan “Endorsed by No One.” Initially, the company was not so eager in sponsoring track teams. It appealed to wearers who wanted to use their products for the mere reason that they believed in their brand. New Balance has always been known for creating top quality products more than being just a name heavily endorsed by trendsetters.
  • Aside from quality, New Balance is also very much known for offering width options. The brand marketed its first wide sneaker in 1960. It was called the Trackster and was also the company’s first recognizable sneaker. Twenty-two years before its release, New Balance had actually begun manufacturing sneakers, but the Trackster was something different. This ripple-soled shoe was made available in different widths.
  • The signature “N” logo did not appear in New Balance products until the 70s with the brand’s release of the 320. Nike has the swoosh, and Adidas has the three stripes, but New Balance lacked some aesthetic detail in their sneakers. The “N” logo, as coined by Terry Heckler, gave the brand their mark and eventually launched it to the top of the running world.
  • New Balance has risen to become a worldwide name for athletes all around the world. In 2015, the company penetrated the global soccer scene as they released their line of New Balance low top soccer cleats. It debuted with two innovative collections of New Balance low top soccer cleats -  the Furon and the Visaro. To this day, these two collections remain to the brand’s top contenders in the soccer market.

New Balance low top soccer cleat collections

New Balance sure took a chance as it entered the soccer scene. After years of producing excellent running shoes, the Boston-based company decided to use its running-shoe know-how to come up with a new line of kicks that would compete with the likes of Nike soccer cleats and Adidas soccer cleats. As the New Balance branding moved from the track to the pitch, it did so with the intention of applying its strong running heritage to high-intensity soccer.

When the brand entered the soccer market in 2015, it carried the tagline that asked players to “make chances” or “take chances.” This promotion was fronted with two New Balance low top soccer cleat collections, the Furon, and the Visaro. From its initial release, these two collections have evolved but still maintained its strong presence on the pitch. New Balance has also added two other collections, name the Audazo and the Tekela. Here is a quick look at each of these collections.


The company has created this New Balance low top soccer cleat collection for players who make chances. This was more of a philosophical approach than a position-dependent one.

The original Visaro was known for its variable Ariaprene upper that featured varying textures. This added detail was meant to facilitate ball manipulation. Additionally, this New Balance low top soccer cleat wore a flexible soleplate that kept players low to the ground, enhancing control. It also featured a medial pivot zone gave wearers the needed flexibility to execute quick cuts and turns. New Balance has also incorporated the brand’s innovative Fresh Foam cushioning that is seen in its running line. This makes for a cushioned cleat experience.

Among the more popular versions from this line is the New Balance Visaro Pro K-Leather Firm Ground and the New Balance Visaro 2.0 Soft Ground.


First released alongside the Visaro, the Furon was created for players who take chances. This New Balance low top soccer cleat line was designed for aggressive players who were drawn to high speeds.

The initial model from this line came with a stiffer soleplate that gave enough energy return and acceleration. The stud design was made specific for straight-line speed. For its upper, the cleat wore an engineered synthetic upper combined with some mesh. It also featured a lightweight cage that offered support. Additionally, the first ever Furon also incorporated the Revlite cushioning on its insole construction.

Many noteworthy New Balance low top soccer cleats came from this line. These include the New Balance Furon 4 Dispatch Firm Ground and the New Balance Furon 4 Pro.


This New Balance low top soccer cleat line was released following the Furon and the Visaro. It is the brand’s dedicated collection for both turf and indoor soccer.

Boots from this collection highlight a Fresh Foam in-sock that serves to provide ultra-cushioning and comfort. This detail ensures that players get the support and freedom of movement they need to get ahead in the game. The Audazo line also incorporates the Revlite midsole that ensures maximum foot cushioning alongside shock absorption. This will benefit players who need control during high-pressure moments of the game.

Among the New Balance low top soccer cleats featured in this range include the New Balance Audazo 2.0 Pro Turf and the New Balance Audazo Pro Indoor.


Released in 2018, this New Balance low top soccer cleat is the latest collection from the brand. It utilizes principles upon which the Visaro was set. However, it takes a different take on their cleats’ overall design. The Tekela is created for innovators and is aimed at delivering control and maneuverability alongside pure speed.

The first ever Tekela cleat features a microfiber upper with Kinetic stitch embroidered bands that provide stability, feel and touch. For its base, the cleat wears a TPU (Thermoplastic polyurethane) outsole built with a nylon chassis. It is detailed with conical studs that allow 360 rotational traction. It also features an extended tongue and has a collar that is higher than what’s usually seen in most New Balance soccer cleats.

This range is home to many of the brand’s high performing soccer cleats. These include the New Balance Tekela Pro Firm Ground and the New Balance Tekela Magique Turf.

Noteworthy innovations featured in New Balance low top soccer cleats


Fantom Fit. It is a skeletally-engineered upper featured in many New Balance firm ground soccer cleats. It fuses a lightweight synthetic mesh with a supportive synthetic upper to deliver a lightweight and protective feel that is efficient during runs. This feature can be seen in the New Balance Furon 4.0 Pro Firm Ground.

Kinetic stitch. This upper technology was first seen in New Balance running shoes. It makes use of embroidered bands that are stitched onto the mesh material. It works to give a full 360-degree lockdown for added support and enhanced fit. This detail is featured on the New Balance low top soccer cleats, particularly the Tekela Pro Firm Ground.


Revlite. This midsole innovation provides the same responsiveness and durability of foams that are 30% heavier. It offers a lightweight feel on the foot without compromising construction or underfoot cushioning. This detail is worn by most New Balance low top soccer cleats like the New Balance Audazo 2.0 Pro-Turf.


Ndurance. This is a rubber compound utilized found in New Balance sneakers, including indoor and turf New Balance low top soccer cleats. It is known for its excellent durability, allowing the cleat to hold up on any playing surface. Among the New Balance low top soccer cleats that utilize this innovation is the Audazo 2.0 Pro-Turf.

Frequently asked questions

What is the best New Balance low top soccer cleat for firm ground surfaces?

New Balance has produced quite a number of dependable soccer cleats that make a good companion on the firm ground. One of the best and more recent releases is the New Balance Furon 4.0 Firm Ground. This New Balance low top firm ground soccer cleat highlights the Fantom Fit with Hydraskin touch membrane to ensure a foot-hugging fit and a premium ball touch. It also features a unique heel collar that allows for maximum mobility on the lower leg. This soccer cleat comes in a bold Red and White colorway that is sure to stand out on the pitch.

Does the Tekela line have a New Balance low top soccer cleat for artificial turf?

Although a relatively new collection from the brand, the Tekela line has also released a New Balance low top soccer cleat that is suited for use on turf pitches. The New Balance Tekela Magique Turf is made for innovators and game-changers. It wears a synthetic upper that features the brand’s innovative Kinetic stitch detail. This feature enhances fit alongside improved control. For comfort, this soccer cleat employs EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) inserts that provide underfoot cushioning. Meanwhile, the base of this Tekela cleat is lined with a durable and abrasion-resistant TPU outsole.