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Long-distance running is a track running match that mainly tests the endurance of the runner. With the physical demands from the sport, it is only right that long-distance running shoes be constructed in a manner that suits the needs of the athletes best. Having had enough familiarity with the sports of track and field, New Balance banks on this idea when it comes to its long-range running spike. 

The configuration of a New Balance long-distance shoe

Best New Balance long distance track and field shoes - May 2020

To solidify its reputation in the market, New Balance made sure to integrate only the best components in its long-distance track shoes. Here are some of the most common technical features present in a New Balance long-range track and field spike: 

  • RevLite. This is a foam compound that delivers the same bounce and responsiveness as the standard New Balance foams. When it comes to weight, the RevLite foam is 30% lighter. Given this, drag is prevented, which amplifies the speed of the runner. 
  • Dynaride. Composed of high-strength rubber, the Dynaride technology from New Balance offers sticky ground adherence. It goes hand in hand with the distance plate of the New Balance long-distance spike. Aside from supplying surefootedness, it also enhances the running shoe’s sturdiness. 
  • Pebax® plate. A common element among track and field shoes, the Pebax® plate supplies flexibility and traction. It is an outsole component that is made of thermoplastic polymer. It also keeps a good amount of rigidity for pronounced propulsion. Because of its composition, the technical element also cushions the underfoot and mitigates impact. This protects the foot from trauma. The same outsole feature is incorporated in the Nike Zoom JA Fly 3
  • Engineered knit. This upper material is intended for a highly breathable long-distance track running platform. With sufficient ventilation, the shoe is kept cool and dry, preventing any bacteria build-up. The engineered knit’s function not only stops there. It also morphs into the foot comfortably, making sure that lockdown is implemented. With this, premature shoe removal is disabled. 
  • RL-2. The RL-2 is a shoe lasting that is utilized because of its racing-specific qualities. It features a narrow heel, and a standard forefoot width and toe-box height. With such lasting, the shoe’s security is increased, keeping the foot locked in place. 
  • Knit heel. Another upper component, the knit heel’s primary goal is to enhance lockdown. With its construction, comfort is augmented. 

What to expect from a New Balance long-distance track spike

The long-distance running competition demands exhaustion of energy from the runner. That is why New Balance long-range running spikes embody properties that conserve the energy of the runner as much as possible. 

Lightness. Configured with ultra-light technical components, the New Balance long-distance shoe prevents drag. Because the overall platform is super light, wearers experience superb acceleration. The same featherlight composition is evident in the Nike Zoom D. It is also a long-distance track and field running shoe from Nike. 

Traction. With ample grip on the track surface, surefootedness is delivered to the contender. This encourages a stable running performance, with the risk of slipping reduced to a minimum or none. This is one of the many good qualities of the New Balance long-distance running shoe. It has sticky traction on the ground, which is also integral in maximizing the propulsion of the participant. 

Comfort. Apparent through its name, the long-range running competition will compel the runner to stay long on the tracks. As mentioned, the sport is more inclined to test the stamina of the contender. Constructed with this principle in mind, a New Balance long-distance track running spike is equipped with generous cushioning. This is without sacrificing the bulk of the running platform. Given this, the track shoe offers plushness to the foot, allowing the user to last in the competition. 

Security. A big no-no in any running tournament is premature shoe dislodgment. Sporting a top-notch closure system, the New Balance long-distance running spike delivers reliable lockdown to the foot. It is comprised of materials that follow the natural pattern of the foot, providing support and an adaptive wrap. 

Frequently asked questions

How long does a New Balance long-range track running shoe last? 

As a rule of thumb, a track and field spike yields optimal performance and function up until two seasons. This goes the same for the New Balance long-range running spike. After that, runners are advised to get a new pair of track shoes to ensure that quality performance is still preserved. 

Is the New Balance long-distance spike breathable? 

Yes. The New Balance long-distance running shoe features, not only light, but also breathable components. These are added to the platform in order to give the wearer's foot enough ventilation. In turn, this promotes an odor-free foot chamber.