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Also identified as pes planus or fallen arches, flat-footedness is a foot defect that causes the arches of the foot to collapse. This results in a full or almost-full foot contact with the ground. Although not necessarily requiring any form of medical treatment, unless it causes discomfort, flat feet can affect the daily activities of a person. For instance, when it comes to running, the foot deformity can cause the legs to collapse inward during impact. Without proper motion control running shoes, the condition can lead to injuries and strain from the ankle all the way up to the lower back. With the aid of the New Balance running shoe for flat feet, racers are equipped with sufficient support, comfort, and security. 

What to look for in a New Balance running shoe for flat feet

Best New Balance running shoes for flat feet - June 2020

  • Good arch support
    • Since flat feet can affect the balance of the runner, New Balance running shoes are configured with sufficient support. With such construction, the running platform evenly distributes the pressure on the foot when running. It also helps align the body which is affected by the foot disease. 
  • Comfortable
    • One of the first symptoms of flat feet is pain. That is why the New Balance running shoe for the foot disorder features a flexible upper and plush midsole style. Given these, a good sensation is supplied to the wearer. 
  • Sticky traction
    • Ground adherence is a fundamental aspect of generating a stable and surefooted running performance. With flat feet, the leg tends to turn inward with every strike. That is why the running shoe from the company has an outsole composition that promotes a good grip, regardless of terrains. 

The construction of a New Balance running shoe for flat feet

High-strength, grippy rubber outsole 

A staple to many running shoes, the rubber outsole is also outfitted to the New Balance running shoe for flat feet. When dealing with flat-footedness, runners are faced with the possibility of slipping or falling off balance. This is because the foot tends to roll inwards, which can lead to sprain or injury. With the aid of the rubber outsole incorporated into the platform’s design, the wearer can expect a stable performance. A big bonus is that the outsole element also features a sturdy build that’s designed to withstand wear and tear. 

Flexible outsole design 

As suggested by the name, flex grooves are intended to maximize the foot flexion of the athlete. The addition of flex grooves in the running shoe for flat feet from New Balance is a perfect touch to the rigid qualities of the rubber outsole. Having flat feet can be a little sore, that is why the running shoe from the brand is graced with a tread pattern that promotes the free movement of the foot. The same pliable characteristic is implemented on the popular ASICS GT 1000 7

Plush, responsive midsole foam

A fundamental aspect of the New Balance running platform for flat feet is optimal comfort. To achieve this, the midsole composition of the shoe involves the incorporation of soft yet bouncy foam. Aside from supplying a smooth underfoot sensation, the foam also highlights resilience. This allows for better energy return, powering each stride of the contender. 

Breathable, form-fitting mesh upper 

Observed in several New Balance running shoes, the establishment’s running platform for flat-footed wearers are constructed with well-ventilated and adaptive mesh textiles. These are essential in securing the lockdown within the foot chamber while encouraging a very healthy foot nature. Moreover, it does not necessarily add to the bulk of the shoe as it employs minimal weight. 

Frequently asked questions

Should I wear orthotics when using the New Balance running shoe for flat feet? 

The New Balance running shoe for flat feet is engineered with some of the most secure and plush components, supplying a very stable and lasting running experience. Hence, wearing orthotics is just an option among runners. Since the stability shoe is more accommodating and wide-fitting, there is enough room for orthotics to better support.

How do I find the best New Balance running shoes for flat feet? 

When buying a pair of running shoes suited for flat feet, here are a few things to take note of: 

  • Get your foot fitted at a specialty running store with staff that is well-versed with foot ailments and the running shoe best suited for the condition. 
  • If possible, always try on the fit of the shoe first before purchasing. Try to see if the running platform possesses the mentioned characteristics to address flat feet. 
  • Do not fit the shoe at the end of the day when the foot is swollen.