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If you’re after a pair of rock shoes that's crafted for beginners, you may want to take a look at neutral climbing shoes. These kicks usually come with flat soles to allow your toes to lie flat inside them. They usually take away the pain associated with moderate or aggressive kicks. Hence, beginners can relax and focus more on mastering various climbing skills. Moreover, experienced climbers who prioritize comfort may also maximize the use of these shoes, especially for long multi-pitch climbs. Whether you’re a newbie to this activity or you have lots of experience in it, you may want to explore the advantages offered by a pair of neutral climbing shoes.

Qualities of the best men's and women's neutral climbing shoes

Best neutral climbing shoes

Best neutral climbing shoes - November 2019

Flat profile

Some of the best neutral climbing shoes feature both a flat sole and symmetric last. These design elements allow your foot to sit in a natural position while you’re on an ascent. As such, the comfort rendered by neutral kicks is suitable for those who want to take up climbing. Experienced individuals may also benefit from them during long multi-pitch routes where comfort is required.


Neutral climbing shoes come with different closure types. These are lace-up, Velcro, and slipper or slip-ons. Climbing pieces with a lacing system allow the wearer to get a precise and personalized fit. Slip-on rock shoes use an elastic upper that wraps around the user’s foot for a snug fit. Lastly, Velcro kicks offer both adjustability and easy on and off by using one or several hook-and-loop straps.


Some neutral climbing shoes are equipped with a stiff midsole while a few come with a softer one. Stiff neutral kicks are ideal for beginners because they gain a supportive platform from them. This quality allows them to stand on micro edges or tiny nubbins. On the other hand, neutral climbing shoes with softer soles are ideal for those who aim to smear during a send attempt. It’s best to determine the kind of climbing styles you’re going to use before getting a pair that’s either stiff or soft.


Climbing shoes with a neutral profile use sticky rubber outsoles for traction. The grip given by this component allows climbers to gain a secure foothold on various rock surfaces. Most neutral kicks come with a sole that’s  4 to 5mm thick. This thickness gives the sole its durability against harsh indoor and outdoor climb conditions.

Notable brands that manufacture the best neutral climbing shoes

La Sportiva

Some of the best La Sportiva offerings use a neutral profile. These climbing pieces are targeted at both beginners and experienced climbers. They sport sticky Vibram soles for a secure grip and hold, especially on tiny rock features. They’re also suitable for crack climbing as these kicks allow your toes to lay flat on tight spaces.

Five Ten

Notable Five Ten climbing shoes sport a neutral shape to render comfort. They are crafted mainly for beginners who are seeking a versatile and comfy pair to help them master their technique. At the same time, Five Ten’s neutral kicks can also be used by advanced climbers for sport routes. Most of these products are equipped with the brand’s Stealth C4 rubber outsole. This technology offers sufficient durability and grip on small edges.