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Mule sneakers: Half trainers, half sandals

Everywhere you look, people seem to embrace eccentric sneaker fashion. Take, for example, the blob-like style of the Yeezy 450, the over-the-top flair of the Balenciaga Triple S, and the ultra-modern zing of Adidas 4D troop.

Adding another unexpected twist to the usual sneaker look are the closed-toe and open-back style of mules. Also known as grandpa’s slippers, mule sneakers are slowly making their way out of the house into the outside world. It quickly gained a larger audience as it gives a cozy loungewear look while enjoying the outdoors. 

Unlike the high-top sneakers, wearing this is so effortless that you don’t need to lift your heel to get into this. A quintessential pair for the laziest summer days, this shoe-slipper hybrid is the perfect alternative to conventional slip-on models

Jump to the mule kicks trend!

Several brands have rendered unexpected riffs on this familiar style that we think you have to get hold of. Perfect for fashion-forward dudes, the Swoosh offers the experimental Off-Line, a product conceived during the pandemic. Meanwhile, who would have thought that the Vans Old Skool can be cozier? Check its mule version here

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