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Running shoes for Morton’s Neuroma

Morton’s Neuroma a.k.a intermetatarsal neuroma is a painful foot condition that can affect one’s running performance and day-to-day tasks if not addressed immediately. One way of alleviating the strain it causes is to choose the right running shoes that have the following qualities: wide fit, comfortable cushioning, and lots of support. 

If you’re part of the running population with this foot ailment, you can choose from our collections of stability and cushioned running shoes

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There are multiple brands that create running shoes suited for racers with Morton’s Neuroma. Some of them are Nike and Brooks. They engineer some of the most supportive road running models

Not skimping on cushioning, Hoka One One has quite a few maximalist shoes that are plush and roomy enough. A famous collection from the brand, the Speedgoat is not only cushioned, but it is also configured for the trails.

To give you more options, we also have selections of running shoes for intermetatarsal neuroma from Asics and Saucony.  

Are they affordable? 

The runners tailored for Morton’s Neuroma are mostly, if not all, under the expensive category. This means that they retail for more than $100. But don’t fret, chances are you can find discounted deals with our partner retailers if you purchase through us.