buy mizuno wave inspire running shoes for men and women

Mizuno Wave Inspire: A loved stability classic

A series of stability running shoes from Mizuno, the Wave Inspire is dedicated to runners who suffer from mild to moderate overpronation (excessive inward rolling of the foot). It's a long-standing series from Mizuno that's known for its combination of support, durability, and impact protection. Because of these features, the collection has been dubbed as the brand's best-selling everyday stability trainers. 

Wave Inspire for men and women 

The Mizuno Wave Inspire running shoes for men and women are not the most lightweight trainers you can find on the market. On the contrary, they are classified under mid-weight daily running shoes. Despite this, they are still considered the most reliable long-distance shoes on the market. 

And if you want to go fast, weight is also not a hindrance. They are perfectly capable of handling tempo runs just as they are able to handle recovery runs. 

Again, these are all stability shoes. So, if you're a neutral runner and are looking for the neutral counterpart to the Wave Inspire running shoes, you can go for the Wave Rider instead. 

Buying from RunRepeat

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