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Designed for technical terrains, Millet hiking boots are popular among adventure seekers who love traversing some of the most rugged and difficult trails. Talk about the French Alps, Mount Everest, and the like. If you’re considering these boots or would like to know whether they are good for you, keep reading.

Millet hiking boots for men and women - features that set them apart


Best Millet hiking boots - May 2020

Premium construction

One thing you'll notice right away in Millet hiking boots is their top-notch quality. Most of them are made of highly durable uppers and Vibram soles that are highly resistant to abrasion. These boots are also equipped with rubber toe caps, heel counter, and rand for added durability and protection. Also very evident in these boots are their robust lacing system featuring sturdy metal rings, hooks, and eyelets. 

Weather protection

Millet makes boots for alpine trekking, mountaineering, and backpacking. Since all these three involve navigating challenging terrains, it is crucial that they have the features necessary to protect your feet against some of the harshest elements - snow, water, deep mud, rocks, the list goes on.

For weather protection, Millet hiking boots are lined with waterproof membranes. They offer Gore-Tex boots aside from their waterproof backpacking boots. Some models offer thermal protection down to -10C and anti-snow stretch gaiters. Millet's alpine boots vary in features as well. Some have removable inner boots, compatible with automatic crampons, and come with waterproof stretch gaiters with zip+Velcro.

Aggressive outsoles

All Millet hiking boots feature soles that can withstand some of the toughest terrains. Aside from the multidirectional lugs that bite into all sorts of surfaces (mud, grass, soil, snow, and rock), some boots have soles that feature a precise toe for vertical travel. 

Quality leather uppers

Millet only uses either full-grain or Nubuck leather for their hiking boots. Leather is a top material choice by many premium brands because it's one of the toughest materials suitable for hiking boots. Leather is durable, warm, soft, and most of all - it conforms to the foot, giving the wearer a precise fit. 

What's the best Millet hiking boots for you?

Picking the right hiking boots is different from picking a pair of normal shoes where style comes first. Before you make a final purchase, there are different factors to consider, such as your hiking goals, the terrain you will be tackling, and the conditions you're hiking in.

Also, note that Millet offers many styles of hiking boots. They make boots specifically for trekking, climbing, alpinism, etc. It's best to determine the features you need before starting your search. This way, you can streamline your options and save time. If you're tackling rocky terrain, you want boots that have shallow treads. However, if you're navigating a muddy trail, boots that have chunkier sole patterns are a better choice.

Lastly, determine the level of protection you require. As mentioned, some Millet hiking boots have a waterproof lining. While they further protect your feet against the elements, waterproof liners affect the breathability of the shoe.